Good Striker
Nicknamed "Goodie" by Umika, is a living puppet in the Lupin Collection who Kogure explained to be a free-spirited entity who acts on his own whims. Depending on the situation, he supports the team whose actions impress him the most. He currently lives with the Lupinrangers, although they allow him to aid the Patrangers whenever he wishes to. He appears to have a fear of Kogure, as he immediately took off upon hearing the latter's name before the Lupinrangers could react during his debut.

Being compatible to the two teams' VS Changers, Good Striker can aid the Lupinrangers or the Patrangers depending on his mood whenever he appears in the midst of a battle. He can also transform himself into a large-sized VS Vehicle with both Dial Fighter and Trigger Machine modes, allowing him to combine with either team's VS Vehicles to form a giant robot. In Dial Fighter mode, his activation code is 3-2-1.

Kogure is a butler who worked for Ars�ne Lupin and assists the Lupinrangers, placing the retrieved Lupin Collection items into a book he carries on his person. Despite the retrieval of the Lupin Collection coming about all else, Kogure gradually expresses concern for the Lupinrangers while attempting to not become emotionally attached to them as he helps them in small capacities. He is later revealed to be one of the original Back World residents like No�l, whom he is protective of as he attempted to talk him into stop helping the Sentai teams fight the Gangler. Following the Patrangers defeating Dogranio, Kogure took the Lupinrangers' loved ones under his wing so they can free them from Dogranio's safe.

Jackpot Striker
Nicknamed "Jack", a living puppet in the Lupin Collection appeared in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger en Film, helping Kairi and Keiichiro escape when they were trapped in Back World. He later returns in the finale to help free Lupinrangers from Dogranio's safe. Like his acquaintance Good Striker, Jackpot Striker can transform himself into a large-sized VS Vehicle as well as combine with the Lupinrangers' primary Dial Fighters to form Lupin Rex.

Director Samuel Hilltop
The head of GSPO's Japan Branch and is the Patrangers' direct superior, an easy-going man with a penchant for wagashi who is understanding of his subordinates more than they realize and often watches out for them.

Jim Carter
The Patrangers' robotic assistant.