Noel Takao
Full Name: Noel Takao
Ranger Designation: Lupin X, Patren X

Noel Takao is the 26-year-old adopted son of Ars´┐Żne Lupin whose guidance enabled him to create certain items in the Lupin Collection that include the VS Changers and some VS Vehicles. When the Lupin Collection was stolen by the Ganglers, Noel vowed to retrieve the items and avenge Lupin's death at Dogranio Yarbun's hands. Enlisting in the GSPO as a special investigator in its France Branch, keeping the former group's identities from the latter, Noel arrives in Japan to aid both the Lupinrangers and the Patrangers with the intention of uniting the two teams into one true miraculous Sentai team to defeat the Ganglers. But Noel's secretive nature made both Kairi and Keiichiro slow to trust him, further complicated when Destra reveals that all the items within the Lupin Collection were originally created in Back World. Eventually, Noel is exposed as one of the original residents of Back World who was forced to leave his world when Gangler group took it over. Though the Lupinrangers and Patrangers get back to opposing each other after the Gangler have been finally defeated, Noel remains adamant that the two teams can be permanently united as one true Sentai team.