Sakuya Hikawa, Patren 2gou
Full Name: Sakuya Hikawa
Ranger Designation: Patren 2gou

An optimistic junior to Keiichiro and Tsukasa who uses Trigger Machine 2gou to transform into the green-colored Patren 2gou. He was brought in to replace Satoru Shinonome, and serves as the team's sharpshooter and police car driver. Sakuya is observant and quick-thinking, though he considers doing his job and protecting civilians as more important than the GSPO's reputation. Unlike Keiichiro, he has a positive view of the Lupinrangers. Sakuya later fell in love with Umika, and denies that she is a Lupinranger until he learned of their identities and learned of Umika's reasoning for becoming a Lupinranger.