VS Changer

Lupin Magnum
The Lupin Magnum is a pistol-like device considered to be the Lupin Collection's most powerful piece, becoming Lupin Red's personal weapon after he clears a final test left by Ars?ne Lupin to obtain it. By combining it with the VS Changer, he can perform the Itadaki Do-Do-Do Strike finishing move. When infused with the power of Lupin Kaiser, he is capable of performing an enhanced version of his finishing move known as the Ikasama Do Strike. Like the VS Vehicles, the Lupin Magnum can enlarge and change from Magnum Mode to Robo Mode via Phantom Thief Transformation which allows it to open a giant-sized Gangler's safe and combine with the Dial Fighters.

Lupin Sword

Magic Arrow

Pat MegaBo

Scissor Shield & Blade Boomerang

Splash Buster Trigger Machine Crane & Trigger Machine Drill

X Changer
Noel's personal transformation gun that is composed of two X Trains. Its finishing move is the Superior Shot.

X Rod Sword