Kibaoni Army Corps
The Kibaoni Army Corps is an army of Yokai based in the Kibaoni Castle that seeks to conquer the world through the "Power of Fear". After being revived as an oni in the 20th century, Gengetsu Kibaoni and his forces were sealed within forty-eight Sealing Shuriken by the Ninningers' grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki. After decades of waiting, Kyuemon Izayoi manages to break the seal and release the Kibaoni Army Corps in the present so he can restore their leader and resume their campaign with the power of the End Shuriken.

Gengetsu Kibaoni Gengetsu Kibaoni
Gengetsu Kibaoni is the leader and namesake of the Kibaoni Army Corps who was originally a human feudal warlord during the Sengoku period who believed that fear was the best method to unite the war-torn Japan. After being killed by Igasaki clan ninjas, Gengetsu vowed to return in 444 years to resume his campaign. Centuries later, he sacrificed his humanity to return as an oni before he was sealed by Yoshitaka Igasaki. Nevertheless, due a miscalculation, Gengetsu returned once more in 2015 with Kyuemon Izayoi's help.

Initially lacking a physical form, Gengetsu tasks his retainers with gathering fear so he can reconstitute himself. Eventually succeeding after absorbing his wife Ariake no Kata's grief over losing their son Mangetsu before absorbing Ariake herself and Kyuemon, Gengetsu enlarges himself to face the Ninningers in a final battle, during which he is permanently killed by Gekiatsu DaiOh after Kyuemon breaks free of his body.

In combat, Gengetsu wields the Gangataikaku naginata and can perform the Way of the Supreme Fang Hundred Demons Illusion and the Way of the Supreme Fang Asura attacks.

Raizo Gabi Raizo Gabi
Raizo Gabi is the Goryo-themed spearhead of the Kibaoni Army Corps who bears the most hatred towards the Igasaki clan and craves fighting powerful enemies, to the point where he will kill allies if he believes they are interfering with his desire. Despite being partially revived by Kyuemon, Raizo refuses to aid him, believing that fighting the Ninningers will fully awaken him. As a result, the latter develops a rivalry with Takaharu Igasaki and reluctantly aids Kyuemon so he can have a proper battle with the ninja. After fighting Takaharu twice and losing to him during their second encounter, Raizo gracefully accepts defeat, but is forcibly enlarged and brainwashed into becoming a berserker by Kyuemon. Ultimately, Raizo is killed by King Shurikenzin and returns to the afterlife. Following Gengetsu's full revival, he revives Raizo a second time via a corrupted Sealing Shuriken, giving him a more powerful form. Raizo battles Takaharu and Yakumo Kato, who kills Raizo in combat.

In combat, Raizo wields two katana and can perform the Way of the Supreme Fang Thunder Phantom Slash attack.

Masakage Tsugomori Masakage Tsugomori
Masakage Tsugomori is Gengetsu's Koromodako-themed chief retainer and strategist who sees the destruction of the Igasaki clan as his top priority and comes off as playful, but is secretly dangerous and deceptive in combat. Additionally, he is a tiny Yokai piloting a mechanical replica of his original form. Following Raizo Gabi's death, Kyuemon revives Masakage to help him gather fear to revive Gengetsu. Despite knowing Kyuemon is not a true member of the Kibaoni Army Corps, Masakage allows him to stay so long as he does not betray Gengetsu. After Gengetsu is fully revived, Masakage becomes his second-in-command and personally battles the Ninningers until they discover his secret. Desperate, Masakage enlarges himself, but is killed by HaOh Gekiatsu DaiOh.

In combat, Masakage wields a shakujo and various magical powers and can perform the Way of the Supreme Fang Skull attack.

Ariake no Kata Ariake no Kata
Ariake no Kata is Gengetsu's impatient and vain Aonyobo-themed wife who is always accompanied by two Hyakkarage bodyguards. In response to the Ninningers' growing power, Kyuemon reluctantly revives her, though she primarily yells at him and Masakage to fix things whenever events do not go right, uses gathered fear as a beauty treatment or to flavor shaved ice, focuses on pampering herself in preparation for her husband's revival, and dotes on her son Mangetsu despite his abuse. Upon learning of Mangetsu's death, her rage and grief creates excess fear energy, allowing Gengetsu to fully revive. Amidst the Kibaoni Army Corps' final battle with the Ninningers, she is mortally wounded by Star Ninger and Momo Ninger before Gengetsu absorbs his wife.

Two years later, during the events of the V-Cinema Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS, Ariake revives herself to seek revenge on the Ninningers, only to be killed again by them.

In combat, Ariake wields the Jurisen war fan.

Mangetsu Kibaoni Mangetsu Kibaoni
Mangetsu Kibaoni is Gengetsu Kibaoni and Ariake no Kata's son, Kyuemon Izayoi's younger half-brother, and a cruel and cunning warrior whose primary desire is to gather fear directly from the Ninningers to revive his father. After several battles with the Ninningers and enlarging himself, he is mortally wounded by HaOh Gekiatsu DaiOh. Before he dies, Kyuemon tells Mangetsu the truth of their familial relationship.

Two years later, during the events of the V-Cinema Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS, Mangetsu is revived by Ariake, but is killed alongside her by the Ninningers.

In combat, Mangetsu wields a great sword, can perform the Way of the Supreme Fang Mangetsu Slash attack, and is able to withstand an attack from the Ninningers in their Chozetsu forms.

Hitokarage Hitokarage
Ashigaru-themed foot soldiers who are armed with spears and arquebuses and are created from Gengetsu's energy leaking from the Yo Shuriken.

Jukkarage Jukkarage
Hitokarage enhanced by a Kibaoni general's power who are armed with sasumata-like swords and arquebuses.

Senkarage Senkarage
Enlarged versions of the Hitokarage.

Hyakkarage Hyakkarage
Elite Jukkarage who are ten times stronger than them.

Gashadokuro Gashadokuro
Giant, skeletal Yokai armed with twin-bladed billhooks that are summoned by Kyuemon. A number of the Gashadokuro can also combine to form a zanbato for other enlarged Yokai to use.