Kibaoni Army Corps
The Kibaoni Army Corps is an army of Yokai that seeks to conquer the world through fear. After being revived as an oni in modern times, Gengetsu Kibaoni and forces were sealed away within forty-eight Sealing Shuriken by the Ninningers' grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki. However, after decades of waiting, Kyuemon Izayoi manages to break the seal and release the Kibaoni Army Corps with their goal to gather the "Power of Fear" from terrorizing humans to restore their leader and resume their campaign.
Gengetsu Kibaoni
He was formerly an evil feudal warlord during the Sengoku Era who believed that fear was the best method to unite the war-torn Japan. Though Kibaoni was killed by the ninjas of the Igasaki clan, he vowed to return in 444 years to resume his campaign. As a result, Kibaoni sacrificed his humanity to be revived as an oni centuries later before he was sealed away by Yoshitaka Igasaki. But Kibaoni's prophecy, due to a miscalculation of dating, is revealed to begin in 2015 as Kyuemon manages to release her master and their forces. Lacking physical form upon his release, Kibaoni tasks his retainers to gather fear so he can reconstitute himself.
Kyuemon Izayoi
She is Kibaoni's page who wears a kitsune mask. Being the only member of Kibaoni's retainers not to be sealed, Kyuemon bided her time before ordering the destruction of the Igasaki Dojo to obtain a special mallet that she uses to free her master from his confinement. While using her bottle gourd to gather the Power of Fear emitted from the terrorized humans needed to fully revive her master and the Kibaoni army's spearheads, Kyuemon can also use her mallet in conjunction with Sealing Shurikens that she corrupted with her power into Yo Shuriken. Such Yo Shuiken include the Five Release Yo Shuriken, that revives defeated Yokai as giants) and the Gashadokuro Yo Shuriken that summon Gashadokuro.
Raizo Gabi
Raizo Gabi is a swordsman who wears a splintered hannya mask on his face and one of the spearheads of the Kibaoni army. While he passionately hates the Igasaki clan, Raizo has his own ambition and craves battling powerful enemies to the point that he will kill off his allies if he considers them to be interfering. Raizo was revived after Kyuemon gives his remains the Power of Fear that she collected from the actions of Kamitachi and Kappa so that he can help her gather fear, Raizo is more interested in fighting and personally fights the Ninningers to fully awake himself up. This results in Raizo finding an ideal opponent in Takaharu, telling the human to get stronger by the time he fights him for real in a battle to the death.
The Hitokarage ae ashigaru footsoldiers who are armed with spears and arquebuses and support the Yokai. They are created from Gengetsu's evil energy leaking from the tainted Sealing Shuriken.
The Gashadokuro are giant Yokai armed with swords that are summoned by Kyuemon.