Nagi Matsuo, Ki Ninger
Full Name: Nagi Matsuo
Ranger Designation: Ki Ninger
Gear: Ninja Ichibantou, Gamagama-ju, Karakuri Hengen
Otomonin: Dumpmaru
Nagi is a very friendly young man. He might not seem like it but is very observant and street smart. He is obsessed with getting licences and certifications for different things to make good use of. Knowing of his grandfather's title as the Last Ninja, he decided to compete against his teammates to inherit it, thinking the title would help him in looking for jobs. Like most Ninningers except Takaharu, he initially refuse to become a Ninninger, having no courage until Takaharu encouraged them. At first he tried to use textbooks as guidances but having none them helped him in against Youkai Kasha, he decided to use his experience instead, taking Takaharu as an example for not thinking over his actions first. One of Yoshitaka Igasaki's successors, Nagi was one of his grandchildren chosen to become the Ninningers as Ki Ninger, the Agile Ninja. He was called by Tsumuji Igasaki, his uncle and Takaharu and Fuuka's father to their dojo, which much later turned into a pile of ruins by Hitokarages.