Takaharu Igasaki, Aka Ninger
Full Name: Takaharu Igasaki
Ranger Designation: Aka Ninger
Gear: Ninja Ichibantou, Gamagama-ju, Karakuri Hengen
Otomonin: Shinobimaru

Takaharu is the Nin Ningers' leader and the implusive type that acts before thinking. He acts like a big brother, trying to pull everyone together, sometimes unsuccessfully. Out of the group, Takaharu is most adamant of being a ninja. He's an optimist who believes everything will be alright.

As one of the successors of Yoshitaka Igasaki, their grandfather and the Last Ninja, Takaharu always looked up to him and wishes to become like him. Takaharu also wanted to inherit the Last Ninja title and would lecture anyone that tarnishes his grandfather's pride. While on his way to his family's dojo, an army of Hitokarage destroyed it, with Takaharu transformed for the first time as Akaninjer, the Fiery Ninja, whose signature attack is the Ninja Fury Slash and eliminate them. After reunited with the other Nin Ninger candidates, Tsumuji Igasaki, his father leads them to Gengetsu Kibaoni's resting place, which was sealed by Yoshitaka until the Sealing Shuriken were released by the revived Gengetsu and wandered off to various part of the city.

After the final battle against Gengetsu Kibaoni, Takaharu opens his own school of ninjutsu and is last seen teaching his students.