Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corp
The Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corp are Kyuemon Izayoi's group of loyal Dark Ninja disciples. They are summoned through the use of scrolls and all utilize Izayoi Style Shuriken.

Kyuemon Izayoi Kyuemon Izayoi
Shingetsu Kyuemon Kibaoni, also known as Kyuemon Izayoi, is the son of Gengetsu Kibaoni and a concubine who was born 444 years prior to the series and Gengetsu sent to the present to facilitate his second revival. Growing up, Kyuemon became Yoshitaka's first apprentice, but became fearful of the "Last Ninja's" power when Yoshitaka refused to give him the End Shuriken and stole Tsumuji Igasaki's ninjutsu. Following this, Kyuemon's Yokai power emerged, transforming him into a kitsune-masked form with mastery of Yojutsu spells and developed a hatred towards his former mentor.

In the present, Kyuemon orders the destruction of the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo to obtain a ceremonial mallet so he can free Gengetsu and serve as his page while searching for the End Shuriken, believing he has a right to it due to his connection to Yoshitaka, and corrupting the Sealing Shuriken used to seal Gengetsu for the Kibaoni Army Corps' benefit. Amidst his battles with the Ninningers, Kyuemon manipulates Raizo Gabi, forms an alliance with Kinji Takigawa, acts against Masakage Tsugomori and Ariake no Kata, and revives four of the Oniwaban Five as his servants to suit his needs.

During the Kibaoni Army Corps' final battle with the Ninningers, Kyuemon steals Yoshitaka's Nintality and the End Shuriken, using both to assume a more powerful form, but is confronted with the fact that he followed in Yoshitaka's footsteps in seeking the End Shuriken to bring his family back. Upon admitting this as the truth, Kyuemon acknowledges Yoshitaka as his mentor and receives his own Nin Shuriken, but is absorbed by Gengetsu. Kyuemon eventually frees himself, allowing the Ninningers to kill Gengetsu. After making peace with Yoshitaka, Kyuemon returns the End Shuriken to the Ninningers before dying while his Nin Shuriken is enshrined in his memory.

Two years later, during the events of the V-Cinema Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls vs. Boys FINAL WARS, Sakurako Igasaki gives Kyuemon's Nin Shuriken to Luna Kokonoe so she can become Mido Ninger. The Ninningers later learn Kyuemon's spirit was contained within the Nin Shuriken and he had possessed Kokonoe so he can fight alongside them and redeem himself. After defeating the revived Ariake and Mangetsu and returning the mallet, Kyuemon's spirit is allowed to reincarnate.

In combat, Kyuemon wields a bottle gourd to gather fear from terrorized humans and use the mallet in conjunction with personally corrupted Sealing Shuriken, or Yo Shuriken, such as the following: the Five-Style Yo Shuriken, which allows him to perform the Hypertrophic Fast Growth Jutsu technique to revive fallen Yokai as giants; the Yokai Fusing Jutsu, which allows him to turn humans into Yokai; the Shinobi Summoning Jutsu, which allows him to summon an Izayoi-Style Ninja and facilitated his revival of Gengetsu; the Release Absorbing Jutsu, which allows him to absorb an Igasaki clan ninja's Nintality; and the Gashadokuro Yo Shuriken, which allows him to summon Gashadokuro. Additionally, he can transform the mallet into a sword and perform the Way of the Supreme Fang Crescent Moon and the Way of the Supreme Fang Ultimate Secret Crescent Moon Dance attacks.

Karakuri Kyuubi Karakuri Kyuubi
Karakuri Kyubi is Kyuemons personal Otomonin, it is capable of using the four Oniwaban Five members' Core Gears, summon Kogitsune drones, and perform the Kogitsune Dance attack, before it is destroyed by Gekiatsu DaiOh.

Red Kyuubi Red Kyuubi
The Red Kyuubi was a red version of Karakuri Kyuubi.

Genin Supparage Genin Supparage
The Genin Supparage are Kyuemon Izayoi's personal henchmen, serving alongside his Izayoi Way's Ninja Army Corps. They wear cloaked uniforms, don fox-like masks and wield ninjato blades.