Kinji Takigawa, Star Ninger
Full Name: Kinji Takigawa
Designation: Star Ninger
Gear: Nin Shuriken, Ninja StarBurger, Star Sword-Gun, Gekiatsuto
Otomonin: Rodeo Maru, Bison Buggy, Magoimaru, Surfermaru

Kinji Takigawa is a Yokai Hunter from the United States, having learning the basics from his father Junji as a child before being orphaned when his older brother Reiji and their father were killed by the Western Yokai Okami-otoko. Kinji's intent to become a great Yokai Hunter had him seek out Yoshitaka to become his apprentice. Having followed Yoshitaka to Japan, learning to speak in an old Japanese Edo dialect from watching jidaigeki and rakugo, Kinji is offered a chance by accepting the old man's challenge to kill one of the Nin Ningers within a month's time. Though Kinji failed after developing a bond with Yoshitaka's grandchildren, he is given another chance by Yoshitaka after his role in the Nin Ningers obtaining Lion Ha-Oh.

After the final battle against Gengetsu Kibaoni, Kinji inherits Yoshitaka's oden business and starts operating it in the United States.