Children of the Grand Witch Grandienne where seperated from their mother and plotted within the palace Saima Paradico, which was located at the peak of Saima Road. Saima Paradico came crumbling down after Grandienne was defeated by GoGo Five.

Dark King Zylpheeza
Alternate Spelling: Jirufiiza
Zylpheeza was thought to be first born of the Saima Clan but later revealed he was not. He was the demon of Aerial Calamity. In his mother's absence, Zylpheeza was supreme command of the invasion of Earth. Diabolico's time ran out, and he was unable to destroy the world before his mother's arrival. Out of desperation, he battled the GoGo Five himself, and was destroyed by the Max Victory Robo.

Dinasu resurrected Zylpheeza with a life-siphoning spider parasite. Zylpheeza turned on his mother Grandienne when she forced hhim to kill Kobola by telling Matoi to destroy her and was turned into flames by her. Zylpheeza killed himself after Salamande took control of his mind to battle the heroes. He was resurrected once more as Zylpheeza II and was ultimately destroyed by the Sigma Project.

Beast Baron Kobolda
Kobolda is the second born and the demon of Ground Calamity. Kobolda is the most passionate in the crusade to destroy the Earth. This brawny demon will stop at nothing to assist his older brother in his mission. Grandienne gives him the Cobolt Bazooka. Kobolda was killed when Grandienne forces Zylpheeza into blasting him to destroy the Rangers in episode 48. He was always dreamed to be his mother's favorite, he dies in Zylpheeza's arms.
Evil Spirit Princess Diansu
Alternate Spelling: Venus
This third-born played the role of mother figure to her infant brother Drop with their true mother missing. She is the demon of Water Calamity. She used a spider parasite to siphon life force from Matoi to Zylpheeza but she was stopped so she sacrified her own life force to resurrect Zylpheeza in episode 47.
Infant Demon Drop / Prince Salamandes
The fourth-born was sent to live with the others. While his siblings were busy preparing to invade the Earth, Drop was taken care of by Pierre. When Zylpheeza was destroyed, Drop inherited the star gem he possessed, and transformed into Salamandes. Drop went into a cocoon state and in this time, his soul wandered around as a young boy.
He is the Demon of Fire Calamity. As Salamandes, he took over command of the demons, and continued the crusade to destroy the Earth. He lost Grandienne's affection with the failure of the Infinity Clan monsters. Using the star gem, he tries to trap the GoGo Five in hell and ends up being banished there by Grandienne. He espaces as Ghost King Salamandes (bottom right) in episode 43 but is done in by the heroes. He is later resurrected again in episode 49 as Salamandes Dragon (bottom left) by is killed by the Sigma Project in episode 50.

Spell Master Pierre
Pierre creates monsters to assist the sibling demons in invading the Earth. Pierre was very loyal to Salamandes, helping him out when no one else would. Pierre was seemingly squished by the GoGo Five's efforts but came back in Timeranger vs. GoGoV, using his Saima Magic he made the Londers Prisoners immune to the Timeranger's weapons. He merged with Boribaru and became PierreBori. He was killed by the TimeRobo Alpha, using the energy from Victory Robo.
Top left: Golem Increase Card
Top right: Enlarging Resurrection Card
Bottom left: Salamades' Life-absorbing card
Bottom Right: Enlarging Demon Battle Card
Spirit-Servant Imps
These black, creepy creatures have goggle eyes and small wings on their back. In combat, they carry short swords.
Diansu' Imp Bodyguard Corp
In episode 35, Diansu had her own female imps that disguised themselves as women and they carried longer swords than their male counterparts. Their wings were similar to their mistress but still smaller than hers.
Grand Witch Grandienne
Alternate Interperation: Grand Dame
The mother of the Saima Clan, Grandienne was seperated from her children long ago. A short while later she arrives in this dimension but is trapped halfway because Mondo interrupts the spell. Her hope turns to Drop after Zylpheeza dies and advises the newly matured Salamandes in his attacks on the GoGo Five.

Grandienne banishes Salamandes to Hell after disappointing her and she leaves to complete transfer to our dimension. She set up Kobolda to be destroyed by Zylpheeza while battling the Rangers. She fights them and weakens them. She sent all of her energy into resurrecting Salamandes and Zylpheeza into their final forms and loses all her power with their destruction.

Darkness King Gil
King Gil captures people in a hotel and uses the extracted blood from them in an attempt to summon a dark beast in the GoGoV vs. Gingaman teamup. It is revealed that Zylpheeza was not the true first born but Gil was. Claiming he tried to take her life, Grandienne admits having had Pierre throw the child in a bag down a deep hole, persumably hell. Seemingly defeat, he gets up again, kills himself to use his blood to raise the beast.
Dark Beast
It is the beast ultimately unleashed by King Gil in the GoGoV vs. Gingaman teamup that forced the Gingaman to use their Lights of Ginga to don the Super Armor Shine on the Victory Mars.
Grim Reapers
King Gil brought with him these henchmen. The Reapers carry swords, and can fire energy from their eyes. Their weakness is fire as they dissolve when coming into contact with it.