Mars Machines / Victory Mars
Height: 60m
Width: 325.m
Weight: 11000 tons
Speed: 6000
The Mars Machines are five spacecrafts which can combine to became the Victory Mars. It can also combine into a four legged creature. The Mars Machines are deployed in the Goliners, which is pulled into space by the Max Shuttle. Victory Mars uses a staff known as the JetLance for combat, which it powers up for a finishing move, in which it launches the MarsFlare. It can also become a laser gun known as the MarsRapid. It can also wield and charge the Bravor Sword. When the Gingaman came to fight an evil, the Lights of Ginga powered up the Victory Mars with Super Armor Shine for a final battle against King Gil.

Red Mars 1
Length: 31.7m
Weight: 2800t
Speed: Mach2.5
Equipped with missiles

Blue Mars 2
Length: 27.5m
Weight: 2300 tons
Speed: Mach 1.5
Shoots adhesive plugs that repairs holes

Green Mars 3
Length: 17.2m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: Mach 4

Yellow Mars 4
Length: 27.2m
Weight: 2200 tons
Speed: 800km

Pink Mars 5
Length: 27.2m
Weight: 2200 tons
Speed: 850km
Equipped with medical treatment systems