Full Name: Matoi Tatsumi
Ranger Designation: Go Red
Weapons: Five Laser, Claw Anchor, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Go Bracer, V-Mode Blrace
Mecha: Red Ladder, Liner Boy, GoLiner One, Red Mars One
Matoi is the eldest Tatsumi child and the leader of the team, he belongs to the Special Rescue Brigade of the Capital of the Fire Department. At 24 years old, he took his duty as leader very seriously. He never back down from a battle no matter how difficult it became. At times he can be rough on his siblings but he does it because he loves them and wants them to meet their highest potential. With his father missing in action and mother off looking for him years ago, Matoi practically raised them, taking the father tole. He does everything by regulation and would get in lot of arguments with Shou.

When Pierre returned and began terrorizing the city, Matoi and his family came out of retirement and helped the Timerangers defeat the Saima dev