Infinity Chain Saima Beasts
In Episode 37, Salamandes started to use a very powerful card known as the Infinity Card. Its special power is that it can use absorbed energy from theteam's energy weapons and with that power. The Infinity Chain Card merged with Salamandes' cards. The next Saima Beast Carrier becomes more powerful than the previous Carrier, to the point where the GoGo-V's energy weapons will not work on it. The carriers were able to mimic the eam's attacks. There were only three carriers and in the end its final carrier and the card itself was destroyed when the GoGo-V used their Victory Mars to throw them into the sun. \
Infinity Chain card.
A pig demon created by Pierre from one of Zylpheeza's cards. Its mind switched bodies with a young bride whose wedding the Tatsumi were attending. Later he switched bodies with Matoi but was finally sent back into its own body. Killed by Victory Mars but the powers he absorbed from the GoGo-V's weapons remained in the Infinity Card.
A mantis demon created by Salamandes killed by Victory Mars, Max Victory Robo & GrandLiner. Hagakuren foreshadowed the creation of the Final Infinity Chain demon.
A Dragon-warrior demon that had a striking resemblance to his creator, Salamandes. Drawing on the powers from the Inifinity card, the GoGo-V's weaponry were no match for it. Killed by Victory Mars, which flung him into the sun and therefore destroyed both the demon and the Infinity Card.