The Super Rescue Lab Jacket
Super Rescue Lab Case
The case usually carried their new weapons and henshin devices. In this picture, a Go-Blaster for GoBlue is in there.
Go Brace
Their henshin device that was on their wrists. The cover opens up to reveal a screen.
Their henshin sequence.
Each sibling had the FiveLaser in their hostler. It had two modes: gun mode and stick mode. The Laser Grip would be part of it, it was also used for other weapons and operating the mecha.
The siblings had a jump attack that could be perform with five to three of them.
V Mode Brace
This wrist device is to control the transformations of both the Max Victory Robo and the Victory Mars as well as giving the team some new attacks. Entering 555+V performs the V Mode Crash, and 478+V performs the V Mode Punch.
Go Blaster
The missles below pellets out. Each Ranger had a ranger-color one. It had three modes include Normal Mode which was a laser, Rescue Mode which shot out pellets, and Hyper Mode when it was hooked up with the V-mode Brace.
They call upon for the V-Boomerang and this blaster/lance V-Lancer appears that hooks up with their Laser Grips. When they are with the Laser Grips, they become V-MachineGun. Each ranger has a ranger-color V-Lancer.
The Lifebird launches from the top of Bay Area 55, and flies to the Rangers on command. TheLifebird can be reconfigured into the Fivelaser, which combines all their powers into one destructive blast. It can also be separated into five different weapons for rescue or combat situations - Anchor, Spreader, Discharger, Injector, and Driller. When separated, each component must be attached to the base of each of their Fivelasers.
Each weapon could used by the other siblings depending on their Laser Grip. Claw Anchor shoots cabled grappling claws belonged to GoRed.
Wing Spreader is scissor-like weapon that belonged to GoGreen.
Build Discharger belongs to GoBlue and shoots extinguishing mist.
Beak Driller belongs to GoYellow.
Tail Injector belonged to GoPink and throws off a healing spray.