Black Cross Army Vehicles and Bases

Black Cross Castle Black Cross Castle
The Black Cross had various secret bases across the globe, but the main headquarters was this gigantic flying battleship shaped like a black cross with its bridge tower at its center. It orbited high above the Earth. It appeared in Episodes 64-84 and the movie 'Bomb Hurricane.'

Alantis Alantis
A zeppelin belonging to the Black Cross Army.

Mobile Fortress Navarone
Is a fortress resembling an Earthen pyramid that opens to reveal the 'Guns of Navarone,' canons. It rises from underneath the Earth and can burrow to any location. First seen in Episode 43.

Condolers Condolers
The Zolders commanded a number of bird-like small seatfighter planes.

Battlers Battlers
The Zolders piloted the much larger and powerful bat-winged fighter planes.