Peggy Matsuyama, Momorenger
Full Name: Peggy Matsuyama
Ranger Designation: Momorenger
Weapons: Pink Mirrors, Pink Cards, earring bombs, and Pink Ceceli

Peggy was eighteen when she became a Gorenger. Her father was a Swiss national and mother was Japanese. She was assigned as a chemical analyst to Hokkaido branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE and special weapons engineer specializing in explosives. She was a master of disguise and also had equestrian training. She was very sophisticated, serious when needed, lethal to her enemies. Peggy was always fashionable, she often wore go-go boots and short hip-hugging hot pants.

As Momorenger, she was armed with Pink Mirrors (a jamming device which would confound her opponents), heart-shaped Pink Cards throwing cards, and her heart-shaped earrings doubled as high impact bombs which she would hurl with a taunt -- 'Are You Ready? Here We Go!'. She also had the Pink Ceceli, which could be used to track down and spy on opponents. And ultimately, she carried the Rengerball, the Gorengers' ultimate finisher weapon that could destroy Masked Monsters, which the team members would pass around to each other like a soccer ball before Akarenger would deliver the finishing kick. Having no vehicle of her own, Peggy rode in the sidecar of the Green Machine and the Green Star.