Tsuyoshi Kaijo, Akarenger
Full Name: Tsuyoshi Kaijo
Ranger Designation: Akarenger
Weapons: Red Whip, New Red Whip, Spear Whip, Drill Whip, Red Hunter and Silver Shot
Vehicles: Red Machine and Super Star

Tsuyoshi Kaijo was twenty-four when he became the leader of the Gorengers. He is the younger brother of the Kantou EAGLE base captain. He was undergoing special training in combat planning and strategy. He is a natural born leader and tactician, as well as an expert with guns and whips. While still young and brash at times, he showed a maturity level well beyond his years. In many cases, he let himself be captured in order to infiltrate Black Cross bases. He was also the Ace Striker for the EAGLE Japan Soccer Team. He was originally a secret agent of the Kantou branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE. He was a master of disguise. His brother died in the Kuro Jujigun's attack on their Kanrou Branch. For that reason, he strongly loathes evil. Fought many battles to the death with Masked Generals as well as Masked Monsters and Zolders.

As Akarenger, he often helped coordinate the group attacks such as the Gorenger Storm or Gorenger Hurricane, in which he uses his kicking abilities from his love of soccer. Carried a number of special weapons such as the Silver Shot, a blaster and Red Whip, a multi-purpose whip whose end could transform into a number of different weapons such as Red Hunter, a drill or claw. It can also stiffen into a fighting pole. Much like leaders after him, he trusted his fellow team mates. He rides the supercharged motorcycle Red Machine which can race at high speeds and was later replaced by the Red Star super cycle.