Gold Mask Gold Mask
One of the first Black Crusade Monsters to go up against the Gorengers. He and a group of Zolders hijacked a school bus and were planning to harm the kids on the bus. However the Gorengers saved the kids inside the bus before that could happen. He wears a gold mask with a red evil smile face on it. Along with a black cape and a gold body suit. His main weapon is a scythe, which he can toss like a boomerang to attack his enemies.
Episode 1

Samurai Mask Samurai Mask
The second of the five original Black Cross Monsters. Samurai Mask resembles a typical samurai from the fedual era of Japan. Complete with Samurai mask, helmet, & battle armor. Samurai mask stole a new bio-engineering tool created by scientists for humanitarian purposes and used it as the Black Cross Army's latest weapon of mass destruction. The weapon is capable of creating algae or miscellaneous forms of plant matter on any media (even humans). The Black Cross Army planned to use this weapon to cover Japanese highways with plant matter, which would cause its structure to erode and cause chaotic car accidents. In order to mass produce this weapon Samurai Mask took the lead doctor hostage and threatened to kidnap his son if he didn't comply to their demands. Samurai Mask is proficient in hand-hand sword combat and archery. He is also able to use a jutsu that transfers his life-force into a spirit, allowing him to resist the Gorenger Storm attack. He meets his demise when the Black Cross missile he possesses is blown up by a demolition ammo armed Bluecherry.
Episode 1, 2

Bronze Mask Bronze Mask
He was the third Black Cross Crusade Monster to go up against the Gorengers. Wears nothing but bronze armor. He bribed Daita with a bowl of curry rice in an attempt to regain an object the Gorengers stole from a Black Cross Army base. He ends up double crossing Daita, threatening to blow up a child inside a pressure sealed bomb. Bronze mask wields both a staff and a dart blower in battle. The staff shoots sparks that travel long distances. For some reason the dart blower also doubles as a flute which Bronze Mask uses to announce his presence. Apart from these weapons Bronze Mask is also capable of spontaneously creating a defensive shield on his elbow and can turn into a bronze Japanese bell that is completely impenetrable to all forms of damage (excluding the Gorenger Storm attack which was used to destroy his bell armor in mid-air).
Episode 1, 3

Jade Mask Jade Mask
He was the fourth Black Cross Crusade to go up against the Gorengers. Wears a multi-color jade mask and poncho. Takes over a famous bacteriological institution and disguises himself as the lead biologist. Here, the Black Cross Army will develop a corrosive breed of bacteria that will be filled in hot air balloon and then unleashed upon the Japanese populace upon it exploding (due to intense air pressure). Peggy Matsuyama investigates the place in the guise of a freelancing reporter (she is captured along with the real lead biologist). Jade Mask has no special powers and is armed with a thick calico pole for combat usage. Destroyed by the Gorenger Storm as he attempts to escape in another Black Cross Army hot air balloon.
Episode 1, 4

Poison Gas Mask Poison Gas Mask
The last of the original five Black Crusade Monsters. Hated by a vengeful Asuka Kenji for the death of his comrades. Poison Gas Mask's current objective is to steal precious metals/minerals from EAGLE caravans so as to maintain his geothermal powered poison gas factory. The gases will eventually be unleashed throughout all of Tokyo. The murder of these EAGLE caravans will also prevent his whereabouts from being discovered. In addition to this goal, Poison Gas Mask also boasts that he will personally vanquish all the Gorengers. Dressed in a black gown he attempts to locate the Gorenger headquarters, attracting the attention of Asuka. Asuka and Poison Gas Mask duel with the latter winning. He decides to use Asuka as bait for the other four Gorengers. Poison Gas Mask can spray fumes of green colored poison gas from the nozzle located on his face. He also has poison filled side-armed missiles that violently explode upon impact. With his golden cape, Poison Gas Mask can shroud himself and teleport out of harm's way. Poison Gas Mask also wields a military dagger for hand-hand combat. Thanks to a special precious metal powered device inserted into his head, he is virtually immortal. Midorenger exploits this as his weakness throwing his Midomerang into the side of Poison Gas Mask's head to destroy the device. Left vulnerable, Poison Gas Mask is destroyed by the Gorenger Storm along with his factory.
Episode 1, 5

Metal Hoop Mask Metal Hoop Mask
A Black Crusade monster who is made up of stacked metal hoops.
Episode 6

Crescent Moon Mask Crescent Moon Mask
Wears a red crescent moon mask and black body suit. His main weapon is a crescent moon staff that can turn a human into a werewolf.
Episode 7

Poison Fang Mask Poison Fang Mask
Episode 8

Witch Mask Witch Mask
The main weapon is a magic staff that shoots fire and can be used to fly with.
Episode 9

Wing Mask Wing Mask
Episode 10

Boat Ear Mask Boat Ear Mask
Episode 11

Silver Heat Mask Silver Heat Mask
His head resembles that of a common house fly.
Episode 12

Horn Mask Horn Mask
Episode 13

Skull Mask Skull Mask
The last of the Independent Black Cross Monsters.
Episode 14

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