Kenji Asuka, Midorenger
Full Name: Kenji Asuka
Ranger Designation: Midorenger
Weapons: Green Puncher, Midomerang, and New Midomerang
Vehicles: Green Machine and Green Star

At 17, he was the youngest member of the Gorengers. Kenji was training at the Kansai branch of the Japan Block of EAGLE.

As someone without a care in the world, he sometimes was a bit brash and temperamental. As Midorenger, he was armed with the razor-sharp Midomerang (Green-boomerang) which can be flung at enemies. He could also use it as a handheld weapon to cut and slash his opponents. His Midomerang was later upgraded to the New Midomerang which was a bit bigger. He also carried the Mido Puncher which was a slingshot weapon which could be used to fire pachinko-ball pellets and sometimes explosives. Asuka drove the super motorcycle Green Machine and later the Green Star.