Druidon Tribe
The Warfare Tribe Druidon are a race of evil monsters led by chess piece-themed generals who existed alongside the Ryusoul Tribe and sought world dominion before they were forced to flee into space during the extinction event that killed the dinosaurs. 65 million years later however, having continued their campaign on various planets, the Druidon return to Earth to resume their conquest of it. As the series progresses, the Druidon are revealed to have been created by Eras as a means to exterminate her previous creation, the Ryusoul Tribe, after they became warlike and aggressive. However, the originally benign Druidon also became corrupt, leading Eras to make the decision to destroy both tribes. As of the series finale, the surviving Druidon members turn on Eras and aid the Ryusoulgers in their final battle against her before departing to Kleon's homeworld.

Eras Eras
Eras is the queen-themed leader and progenitor of both the Ryusoul Tribe and Druidon Tribe, having created both races as a means of protecting Earth. After both of her creations deviated from their intended purpose however, she deemed them threats to the planet and attempted to start anew by destroying them. Before she could do so, she was sealed by the Ryusoul Calibur within the Temple of the Beginning. When Seto learns she is siphoning the sword's energy in the present, he is forced to have the Ryusoulgers retrieve the Ryusoul Calibur in order to save it. With the seal broken, Eras gradually revives herself and creates new Druidon generals to accelerate the process. After absorbing Pricious to create a physical form for herself, she places the Ryusoulgers and humanity into a deep slumber so she can use their lifeforce to rejuvenate Earth while destroying all traces of human civilization. Nonetheless, the Ryusoulgers manage to escape their slumber with Kleon's help, weaken Eras with their Kishiryu and the Ryusoul Calibur, and destroy her. In the afterlife, Koh convinces Eras that both her progeny and the human race can still build a better future despite their past mistakes.

Kleon Kleon
Kleon is a laid-back slime-based, mushroom-themed alien lifeform that the Druidon recruited during their time away from Earth who supports them by using his slime on ideal people to spawn Minosaurs from, though he suffers abuse from most of the Druidon's number. After finding Wiserue's carded heart, Kleon leaves the Druidon to find him as he was the only member who treated him right. He later returns to aid the Ryusoulgers, freeing them from Eras' slumber so they can defeat her. After Eras' death, Kleon returns to his homeworld with Wiserue and Pricious. During the events of the V-Cinema Mashin Sentai Kiramager vs. Ryusoulger, Kleon is kidnapped by Yodonna so she can use his slime to destroy the Kiramagers.

In battle, Kleon can use his slime-based body to reform himself if he is destroyed.

Tankjoh Tankjoh
Tankjoh is a merciless rook/tank-themed Druidon warrior who leads the Druidons' first attack on Earth upon their return, desiring to wipe out the Ryusoulgers and conquer Earth. After killing Master Red, he absorbs seismic energy to increase his power. As his death would have released all of the energy in a destructive wave, the Ryusoulgers use KishiryuOh Five Knights to blast Tankjoh into the stratosphere in order to destroy him safely. Several months later, Tankjoh is resurrected by the Necromancer Minosaur and attempts to exact revenge against the Ryusoulgers for his death, only to be sent back to the afterlife by Ryusoul Pink, Blue, Green, and Black.

In battle, Tankjoh is armed with the Rooklaymore broadsword and can fire energy beams from his chest-mounted Castlingrander cannon.

Wiserue Wiserue
Wiserue is a flamboyant, egotistical, tricky, and short-tempered bishop/ringmaster-themed Druidon sorcerer who takes over the Druidons' attack on Earth following Tankjoh's death. After Gachireus arrives on Earth however, Wiserue is temporarily relieved of command until the former's first defeat. When Gachireus eventually returns, Wiserue shares command with him until Pricious arrives and subjugates them both by taking control of their hearts. When Eras' resurrection draws near, Wiserue is forced to attack the Ryusoulgers to prove his worth to the Druidon cause and is seemingly killed in battle by Max Ryusoul Red. In reality, he faked his death and went into hiding before returning to aid the Ryusoulgers against Eras. Following her death, Wiserue leaves Earth with Kleon and a revived Pricious to see the former's homeworld.

In battle, Wiserue is armed with the Stickiller staff that can fire energy bolts and doubles as a sword, possesses hypnotism through his eyes, and illusion-based shapeshifting.

Gachireus Gachireus
Gachireus is an arrogant and ill-tempered rook/submarine/captain-themed Druidon general bent on the Ryusoul Tribe's destruction. He briefly takes command of the Druidon's invasion of Earth after sending Wiserue away for not doing the job fast enough and overpowers the Ryusoulgers once he learns enough of their techniques. However, he ends up being mortally wounded by KishiryuNeptune, an opponent he never fought or studied, and presumed dead. In reality, Gachireus survived and left the planet to treat his wounds before returning months later to exact revenge against the Ryusoul Tribe. During this time, he shares command with Wiserue until Pricious arrives and subjugates them both by taking control of their hearts. Following this, Gachireus makes several attempts on the Ryusoulgers' lives until Pricious decides to cut his losses and forcibly enlarges Gachireus so he can be killed by King KishiryuOh.

In battle, Gachireus is armed with the shoulder-mounted Gachiraid Cannons and the Screw Claw gauntlets as well as the ability to increase his strength by countering any attack he takes once he is hit with it or sees it once.

Pricious Pricious
Pricious is a treacherous and power-hungry knight/jester-themed Druidon commander. He arrives to Earth following Uden's demise to revive Eras, usurping Wiserue and Gachireus as the invasion's acting leader by taking control of their hearts in the process. He also develops a grudge against Koh for defeating him. After the Ryusoulgers use King KishiryuOh to destroy his Space Dragon, Pricious forces Master Black to protect Eras and destroy the Ryusoul Calibur.[2] He later learns of the Druidons' true purpose before he is defeated by the Ryusoulgers and Eras devours him in order to create a new body for herself. Following Eras' death, Wiserue and Kleon bring a revived Pricious with them as they depart for Kleon's homeworld.

In battle, Pricious is armed with the double-bladed Priciouslasher naginata, a deck of cards which he can manipulate to produce different effects, and the ability to teleport by turning himself into liquid metal. He also commands a Space Dragon, a giant draconic cyborg monster, until it is destroyed by King KishiryuOh.

Gunjoji Gunjoji
Gunjoji are twin knight/Gatling gun-themed Druidon brothers, with the older Gunjoji being more fully developed and loyal to Pricious while the younger Gunjoji II displays limited speech capacity. After the Ryusoulgers remove the Ryusoul Calibur, Eras creates the Gunjoji brothers to accelerate her revival. However, Gunjoji II is killed by Master Black, who manages to prevent him from self-destructing, while the first Gunjoji is destroyed by Ryusoul Blue, Green, Black, and Gold.

In battle, the Gunjoji brothers use brute strength, can fire energy blasts from their chest-mounted Gatling Cannon, and possess Tankjoh's ability to convert stored seismic energy into a destructive wave that can be released upon their deaths.

Yabasword Yabasword
Yabasword is an infantile king/samurai-themed Druidon general who Eras creates after the Gunjoji brothers once her resurrection is nearly completed. Acquiring a taste for rampaging during his first fight with the Ryusoulgers, Yabasword goes berserk under Eras' influence to kill the Ryusoulgers and his fellow Druidon. In response, Pricious is forced to kill Yabasword. Amidst her attempt to siphon humanity's life force, Eras revives Yabasword to prevent anyone from awakening the slumbering humans until he is destroyed by King KishiryuOh.

In battle, Yabasword is armed with the Great Sword arm blade and the Small Sword tanto.

Uden Uden
A warlike and quiet bishop/cannon-themed Druidon assassin unto Pricious who wields a ninjato and is capable of copying enemy attacks for his personal use. After coming to Earth to prepare it for Pricious' arrival, Uden traps the Ryusoulgers in his personal labyrinth-like dimension so he can use their powers against them. He kills Nada in the process, but fails to stop the Ryusoul Tribesman from freeing Koh, who uses his fallen ally's spirit and armor to become Max Ryusoul Red and destroy the assassin to free his comrades.

Saden Saden
A talkative bishop/cannon-themed Druidon general who also wields a ninjato. In the past, he accompanied Pricious to the Sky Temple to find a way to free Eras from the seal placed on her. While he was killed by Master Black, who assumed his identity to infiltrate the Druidon, Pricious discovers the deception and places the knight under his control to serve Eras. .

Drunn Soldiers Drunn Soldiers
The Drunn Soldiers are the Druidons' pawn/conquistador-themed foot soldiers who possess shields strapped to their backs and are armed with spears.