Ui Tatsui Ui Tatsui
A vlogger who lied about visiting far off locations on her videos while helping her father find evidence of the Ryusoul Tribe's existence, encountering the Ryusoulgers as a result and offering her family's home to them. After being exposed to Kleon's slime, Ui became the Medusa Minosaur's host before she was saved when the monster was destroyed by KishiRyuOh Three Knights.

Naohisa Tatsui Naohisa Tatsui
Ui's father, a paleontologist who learned of the existence of both the Kishiryu and the Ryusoul Tribe and sought scientific proof, offering the Ryusoulgers use of his laboratory as their base. He later becomes Seto's vessel so the spirit can help the Ryusoulgers.

Master Red Master Red
Koh's master and the previous Ryusoul Red. He was killed by Tankjoh when the Druidon returned to Earth.

Master Blue Master Blue
Melto's master and the previous Ryusoul Blue. He was killed by the Dragon Minosaur after the Druidon returned to Earth.

Master Pink Master Pink
Asuna's master and the previous Ryusoul Pink, She was killed by the Dragon Minosaur when the Druidon returned to Earth. However, she was temporarily resurrected by the Necromancer Minosaur, which spawned from her negative emotions at the time of her death. After it was destroyed, she was sent back to the afterlife.

Elder Elder
The current elder of the Ryusoul Tribe appointed Koh, Melto, and Asuna their Masters' successors and told them about the Druidon and the Kishiryu. After the tribe's village was destroyed by a Minosaur, he acquired a kebab truck and later ran a café.

Canalo's 123-year-old sister who resembles a young teenage girl. Upon meeting the other Ryusoulgers, she falls in love with Melto and starts hanging out with him. MosaRex later ordered her to bring Kishiryu Pterardon to Melto and his friends after sensing Nada's true colors. Due to her bond with Pterardon, she's able to pilot the Kishiryu's YokuRyuOh form despite not being a Ryusoulger.

An ancient Ryusoul Tribesman whose soul awakened after Naohisa Tatsui entered his tomb, possessing the man's body to provide advice to the Ryusoulgers as well as bring CosmoRaptor from space and guide them to the Temple of the Beginning to save the Ryusoul Calibur. As the Ryusoulgers' final battle against the Druidon Tribe approaches, Seto used the last of his powers to become Ryusoul Brown and pass on to the afterlife at the end of his duty.

Instead of using a Ryusoul Ken, Seto summons the armor of Ryusoul Brown (which resembles Gaisoulg) onto the possessed Naohisa Tatsui and wield similar weapons. While still capable of harnessing the Ryusouls' powers, Naohisa's aged body hampered most of Seto's fighting prowess.

Master Green
The previous Ryusoul Green, who only appeared in flashbacks which depict him as both Master Black's partner and a past wearer of the Gaisoulg armor after he was forced to equip it when the Druidon attacked Earth five centuries before the events of the series. Master Green was forced to leave Earth to stop Gaisoulg's rampage, and presumed to have died of natural causes as the cursed armor wandered the cosmos until the events of Super Sentai Strongest Battle.

Master Black Master Black
Towa and Bamba's master and the previous Ryusoul Black who initially appeared in flashbacks as Master Green's partner. In the past, he infiltrated the Druidon Tribe after killing Druidon general Saden and taking his place, but Pricious carded his heart to subjugate him into complete obedience.