Ryusoul Changer Ryusoul Changer
The Ryusoul Changer is the transformation device of the main five Ryusoulgers.

Ryusoul Ken Ryusoul Ken
The Ryusoul Ken is the sidearm of the Ryusoulgers.

Mosa Changer Mosa Changer
The Mosa Changer is the transformation device and weapon of Ryusoul Gold.

Gaisoul Ken Gaisoul Ken

Max Ryusoul Changer Max Ryusoul Changer

Ryusoul Calibur Ryusoul Calibur

Mosa Blade Mosa Blade
The Mosa Blade is the personal bladed sidearm of Ryusoul Gold.

Mosa Breaker Mosa Breaker
The Mosa Breaker is the combined weapon form of the Mosa Changer and Mosa Blade.

Ryusoul Buckle Ryusoul Buckle
An egg-shaped buckle equipped on the belt of the Ryusoulger.

Ryusoul Buckle G Ryusoul Buckle G
Ryusoul Gold's suit features a silver-colored variant called the Ryusoul Buckle G