The Kishiryu are sentient dinosaurs that were created by the Ryusoul Tribe as a countermeasure to the Druidon before being sealed within temples throughout the world. They can combine with each other via Ryusoul Combination. Amidst the Ryusoulgers' final battle with Eras, the Kishiryu sacrifice themselves to empower the Ryusoul Calibur. A year later, during the events of the crossover film Mashin Sentai Kiramager vs. Ryusoulger, the main five Ryusoulgers are able to manifest KishiryuOh Five Knights through Mabushina's tears resonating with their Kiramental.

Tyramigo Tyramigo
A red Tyrannosaurus that serves as Ryusoul Red's partner and was one of the three Kishiryu sealed within the temple in the Ryusoul Tribe's village. In battle, Tyramigo is armed with the Knight Cannons on its shoulders, two artillery turrets on its back, a drill on each shoulder, the Tail Whip, and its jaws. When accompanied by its enlarged Red RyuSoul, Tyramigo can project flames from its mouth.

Triken Triken
A blue Triceratops that serves as Ryusoul Blue's partner and was one of the three Kishiryu sealed within the temple in the Ryusoul Tribe's village. In battle, Triken is armed with the Knight Sword blade on its snout.

Ankyloze Ankyloze
A pink Ankylosaurus that serves as Ryusoul Pink's partner and was one of the three Kishiryu sealed within the temple in the Ryusoul Tribe's village. In battle, Ankyloze is armed with the Knight Hammer club mounted on its tail.

TigerLance TigerLance
A green Tigersaurus, a fictional dinosaur resembling a Smilodon, that serves as Ryusoul Green's partner. In battle, TigerLance is armed with the Knight Lance blade attached to its right side, can perform energy strikes with its claws, and move at super-speed.

MilNeedle MilNeedle
A black Needlesaurus, a fictional dinosaur resembling a Miragaia, that serves as Ryusoul Black's partner. In battle, MilNeedle is armed with the Knight Needle spines on its back, allowing it to fire spike projectiles at its enemies.

MosaRex MosaRex
A navy blue and gold Mosasaurus-based Kishiryu and DimeVolcano's brother that serves as Ryusoul Gold's partner and master. MosaRex harbored a hatred for the Land Ryusoul Tribe following their civil war 65 million years ago until it learned to accept the Ryusoulgers and joined them. In battle, MosaRex is armed with the KnighTrident tail blade, two four-shot missile launchers under each front fin, and massive jaws.

A pair of navy blue Ammonite-based auxiliary Kishiryu partnered with MosaRex.

DimeVolcano DimeVolcano
An orange and silver Dimetrodon-based auxiliary Kishiryu. Due to its power and short temper when a person answers its quizzes incorrectly, the Ryusoul Tribe sealed it away in a separate location. Despite this, the Kishiryu was frightened of people fearing it. Before the Ryusoulgers found it, DimeVolcano's only friend was Haruto Watanabe, a boy recovering from an eye operation who was not afraid of him; even after seeing him once his eyes fully recovered. In battle, DimeVolcano is armed with the flaming Knight Fan sail on its back, the Knight MeraMera Sword tail blade, and can breathe fire from its mouth.

SpinoThunder SpinoThunder
A gold, navy blue, orange, and silver Spinosaurus-based Kishiryu formed from Kishiryu DimeVolcano, MosaRex, and the AmmoKnuckles. In battle, SpinoThunder can shoot lightning from its mouth or the sail on its back.

CosmoRaptor CosmoRaptor
A black and white Velociraptor-based Kishiryu formed from Kishiryu ShineRaptor and ShadowRaptor. The twin Kishiryu were stolen by the Druidon Tribe before they fled into space 65 million years ago. During that time, they fed on light and darkness, eventually gaining the ability to combine into CosmoRaptor and harness cosmic energy. In battle, CosmoRaptor can absorb energy from the universe, create wormholes, and wields the Cosmo Goggle visor formed from the component Kishiryu's crests.

ShineRaptor ShineRaptor
A white Velociraptor-based auxiliary Kishiryu. In battle, ShineRaptor is armed with the Kagayaki Sword tail blade, can cast a healing light from its jaws, and travel at light-speed.

ShadowRaptor ShadowRaptor
A black Velociraptor-based auxiliary Kishiryu. In battle, ShadowRaptor is armed with the Kurayami Gun tail gun, and can form black holes from its jaws.

Pachygaroo Pachygaroo
An olive-green and rust-orange Pachygaroosaurus that serves as an auxiliary Kishiryu. Pachygaroo is armed with the Knight Glove gauntlets on its arms and the Knight Thruster on its tail.

Chibigaroo Chibigaroo
An olive-green and rust-orange Pachygaroosaurus-based auxiliary Kishiryu and the child of Pachygaroo.

Pterardon Pterardon
A light-blue and white Pteranodon-based Kishiryu that fled into space to avoid being sealed and left in a temple only to end up being sealed in its egg-like Pit Mode; losing access to its abilities and falling into Earth's oceans. MosaRex discovered it and left it in Oto's care, who nicknamed it Pii-tan. After being freed, Pterardon regained its cryokinesis, such as firing a sub-zero ice beam from its Pterardon Head, achieving space flight, and the Knight Edge wings and the HieHie Claw on its tail.

Ptyramigo Ptyramigo
Pterardon can combines with Tyramigo to become the dragon-like Ptyramigo.

A dark-green and gold Ceratosaurus and the first Kishiryu, created 65 million years ago by Valma to aid in his plans for world domination. This Kishiryu appears exclusively in the film Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger the Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic.

Twin gold cobra-based auxiliary Kishiryu also created by Valma. In battle, the Cobrago wield the Knight ByuByu Swords and the Cobrago Heads. These Kishiryu appear exclusively in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger the Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic.