The Shadow Line are steampunk-themed dark denizens who wish to consume the world in darkness. To achieve that goal, they send a Shadow Ressha called the Kuliner from their fortress Castle Terminal to gather the darkness in peoples' hearts by subjecting them to nightmarish scenarios to fortify the Shadow Line's railway to the point that there is a Dark Station in every city on Earth. The more inner darkness they gain, the closer to completion the railway will be until they are able to give their master Zett entry into the world. The plan is for Emperor to destroy all those among his followers that he deems useless. The Shadow Line are steampunk-themed dark denizens who desire to consume the world in darkness. To achieve that goal, they send a Shadow Ressha called the Kuliner from their fortress Castle Terminal to gather the darkness in peoples' hearts by subjecting them to nightmarish scenarios to fortify the Shadow Line's railway to the point that there is a Dark Station in every city on Earth. The Shadow Line's process of fortifying their railway begins with the establishment of Dark Stations before the surrounding areas become Shadow Towns and part of the Shadow Line's world, with all memory of its existence erased. The more inner darkness they gain, the closer to completion the railway will be until they are able to give their master Zed entry into the world. The plan is for Emperor to destroy all those among his followers that he deems useless. Each Cryner is capable of changing into a Cryner Robo armed with twin cannons on its forearms. Three Cryner Robos can combine into a Cho-Cryner Robo armed with beam cannons on its shoulders, a sword, and a shield. There are also unique Cryner models used by the leading Shadow Line members.While the acting leaders originally worked to gather darkness to give their leader Emperor Z entry into the world, despite some questioning Emperor Zed, the Shadow Line now acts to spread more darkness into the world to make it into a utopia for them. Though active during most of the year, the Shadow Line ceases activities during the holiday season, which they refer to as the Darkness Decline as the amount of imagination across the world weakens them during that time. During the final battle, Emperor Z infuses his darkness into Castle Terminal to transform the fortress into a monster that exists to spread its creator's vast darkness known as the Dark Behemoth. Baron Nero Baron Nero, designated NeI 860-1 (・l・C860-1), is the acting leader of the Shadow Line, dressed as an Italian aristocrat. He has shown to be a skilled melee fighter with his Gun Stick and he can also throw his Boomerang Top Hat as a chakram or use it to shoot an energy beam. He can also use his cane as a gun like Madame Noir's umbrella. His Shadow Creeps are designated NeHa, NeShi, and NeRo and serve him by targeting multiple stations at once to bring Emperor Z into the human world. Though he is dismayed to find Emperor Z obsessed with light, he remains loyal and sees his leader's fascination as a phase. After his attempt to kill Miss Glitta after suspecting Madame Noir using the wedding to usurp Zed, he is forced to watch the events unfold. But upon seeing Zed absorb Miss Glitta from the inside, he sees reasoning in his leader's madness and resolves to help him consume all light despite becoming tired of being verbally abused by Marchioness Mork. After helping Marchioness Mork to find Zed and extinguish Miss Glitta, he ends up being mercilessly attacked by Z-Shin. Nero later returns to Castle Terminal, aiding in protecting the fortress during the final battle in a Cho-Cryner Robo before it is destroyed by BuildDai-Oh. After being mortally wounded by ToQ 6gou in a duel, Nero sacrifices himself to heal Emperor Z's injuries. Madame Noir Madame Noir designated NoI 240-1 is the secondary leader of the Shadow Line, dressed in a Victorian era French gown. She uses the Gun Parasol in battle like a fencing sword or as a shield to block small shots. She can also use it to fire a small rain of energy shots or a large energy beam like Baron Nero, as well as wield it as though it were a machine gun. With the upbringing of Miss Glitta being her first priority in winning Z's favor, she uses her Shadow Creeps named NoHa and NoNi to gather high quality darkness in order to further refine her child's beauty. In reality, feigning an interest in light after Zed arrives, she plans to use her daughter's ability to gain the power of what she consumes to take the throne. But the plan fails with she forced to submit to Zed as he absorbed her daughter and her attempt on his life in response failed. When Marchioness Mork moved into Castle Terminal, she is forced to prove herself by using her Control Black Feathers to turn citizens into berserkers to gain their target with Right among her victims. But the plan fails and she escapes using Cryner Robos as cover, learning that Miss Glitta is still alive inside Zed and plots to bide her time using less capable Shadow Creeps to gather minimal amounts of darkness until the opportunity to free her daughter by releasing Boseki Shadow during the Darkness Decline presents itself. However, once her chance comes, Madame Noir is shocked to find Miss Glitta does not want to leave Emperor Z as he blasts her out of Castle Terminal. Badly injured, she is then later found by General Schwarz and Zaram, working with the former to free Miss Glitta with an Embroidered Cloth of Medium before she is killed by Emperor Z. General Schwartz General Schwarz, designated ShuI 44090-1, is the military leader of the Shadow Line in German militant garb who is obsessed with creating the Shadow Ressha forces to deal with the ToQgers once he obtain enough intelligence on them. He was also an old friend of Zaram before he became Akira. He is a very capable fighter, using his General Black Iron Sword to easily defeat all the ToQgers. He possesses his personal Cryner that has a Cryner Robo mode armed with twin spikes on its forearms and a sword. He has recently promised Miss Glitta that he will answer her feelings in time, showing that he knows how she feels about him. However, during her "wedding" to Zed, while General Schwarz seeks out the Ressha, he is saved from an attack by Cho-Cho-ToQ-Dai-Oh. Before he can respond to Miss Glitta's feelings for him, he watches her being consumed by Emperor Z before the emperor knocks him into the depths of a nearby river. He survives and vows to take revenge against Zed, tricking the ToQgers by proposing an alliance so he could steal the Drill Ressha for his agenda. He then learns that Miss Glitta is still alive within the emperor's body. Later confronted by Akira, he agrees to give the ToQger back the Drill Ressha in return for his services during the Darkness Decline where Zed will be at his most weakest. By the time he succeeds in freeing her, he learns too late that he endangered her further and sends her away as he is mortally injured by Z-Shin. In his dying words, to further infuriate his opponent, General Schwarz tells Z-Shin that he found his own light and dies soon after. Miss Glitta Miss Glitta, designated GuI 44101-1, is Madame Noir's daughter whom is being brought up to become Emperor Z's bride once he enters the world. However, she's infatuated with General Schwarz, using her GuHa designated Shadow Creeps to help him. She clings to a Rose Handkerchief that he dropped and said she could keep. When Emperor Z arrives, she finds her husband-to-be frightening and has no intention to marry him as she formed a secret alliance with Schwarz and attempted to evade the wedding with Sabão Shadow's assistance. But once the "wedding" goes underway, wearing the White Wedding Dress before using her Maiden Paper Knife on Zed, she reveals she is part of her mother's plot to take the throne, devouring her husband to absorb his powers and become the Empress of Darkness. Becoming more mature of mind as Zed influences her actions, she helps Schwarz attack the ToQgers. Her emotions for Schwarz arise while he is out attempting to capture the Ressha, leading her to join him in battle. In her special Cryner, she takes a mortal blow meant for Schwarz in his own Cryner, leading to their defeat by Cho-Cho-ToQ-Dai-Oh. As Schwarz checks on her, she expresses her feelings for him before she is absorbed from the inside by Zed for her inner light. Though assumed dead, she is later revealed to still be alive within Emperor Z's body while functioning as a hinderance to his full potential. During the Darkness Decline, with Zed's darkness weakened, she begins to gradually take over his body while pleading with the ToQgers to convince Schwarz not to proceed with his plan. She ends up being freed and forced on Schwarz's Cryner for her own safety. Intent to save Zed from himself and to avert further deaths, she later seeks the ToQgers' help in stopping the Shadow Line by giving her cover while she takes over the controls for Castle Terminal to move it off Subarugahama and towards the dark depths. Though it seemed she was killed by Z-Shin, Glitta is later revealed to have been spared as she brings the incorporeal Emperor Z back into the Shadow Line. Emperor of Darkness Zed Emperor of Darkness Z, designated ZeI 83-11 is the human-like ruler of the Shadow Line who is the manifestation of the purest form of darkness, responsible for submerging Subarugahama into the developing Shadow Line. But despite his nature as a being of the dark, Zed has an unhealthy obsession with light as a result of coming into contact with Right after being attracted by Subarugahara's festival lights. Zed has his followers work to gather the darkness in human hearts to complete the railway so he will gain a full physical presence in the human world, having them believe that he will spare those he considers too loyal and valuable to be destroyed. When he finally arrives from the World of Darkness, recognizing the ToQgers as the kids who escaped Subarugahama, Zed developed an interest in Right before revealing his identity and having Lamp Shadow erase the memories of the youth's friends as an experiment to test the ToQgers' light. Though he originally was unable to remain in the light for long periods of time, Zed removes that weakness by having Miss Glitta swallow him during their wedding and then later absorbs her from the inside to obtain her "light". Zed then sends out General Schwarz and tells the main ToQgers he will claim their light. Nevertheless, when his caregiver Marchioness Mork moves into Castle Terminal, she tells him that his obsession with the ToQgers' light would be his downfall if he lacks the means to consume them in his darkness. But as Zed learns that he could not fully absorb Glitta's light he supposed, only able to assume a defective version of his true form with use of the Imperial Killer Sword, it would later be revealed that Zed's full power is kept in check by Glitta's presence as he becomes increasingly moody. During the climax of the Darkness Decline, using up his power in fending off Schwarz and Zaram while robbing the AppliChanger from the latter, Zed briefly loses control over his body to Glitta as she reveals to the ToQgers that she needs to remain inside the Emperor's body for everyone's sake. But when Schwarz and Madame Noir succeed in freeing Glitta, they accidently allow Zed to achieve his full potential as he assumes a form reflecting the vast darkness now unleashed from his body: Z-Shin. This makes Zed more mentally unstable than before and Glitta creates a protective barrier around Castle Terminal because she feared he was a threat to both the Rainbow Line and the Shadow Line. Once he claimed down, accepting he can never have the light as his own, Zed learns the reason for his obsession for Right while learning that part of his being entered the youth's body. This combined with Glitta's reasons for her final act against him convinces Zed to mount an assault on the world and drown it in darkness while depleating any remaining light, sparing Right's life long enough to see the darkness spewed from the Dark Behemoth consumes everything in its path. But after the Dark Behemoth is destroyed, after being mortally wounded by the ToQgers' Rainbow Rush, Zed absorbs Nero and Mork to heal his injuries while increasing Z-Shin form's power before he is defeated by Right as Rainbow ToQ 1gou using the Hyper Last Train Crash. Seeing a rainbow before his body explodes into a storm of darkness, Zed's essence was retrieved by Glitta and he reconstitutes as they return to the Shadow Line. Zed possesses a white Cryner known as the Imperial Cryner that has a Cryner Robo mode armed with twin cannons on its forearms, the Imperial Long Sword, and the Darkness Wave Twin Super Ressha Cannons used for Darkness Fall attack. His ZeRo and ZeHa designated Shadow Creeps possess the ability to produce light. Kuros The Kuros are the train robber-themed footsoldiers who support the Shadow Creeps. They are armed with tommyguns that transform into hatchet-like weapons. The Close can also pilot Kuliners that transform into Kuliner Robos. Count Nair Count Nair, designated NaI 89489-SOS, is a member of the Shadow Line in charge of outer space. He attacks the Safari Ressha to destroy the Galaxy Line. His personal Shadow Creeps are designated NaRo. He is armed with the Bayonet-Fixed Rifle and has his own personal red-colored Cryner. After being defeated together with Hound Shadow by a safari park variation of the Rainbow Rush, he combines with the Shadow Creep to become Giant Nair Hounder, designated NaI NaRo 100048-SOS and armed with the Chain Bear Trap and the Crunching Chariot. However, he is ultimately destroyed by a combination attack of ToQ-Oh and SafariGaOh. Marchioness Mork Marchioness Mork, designated MoI 50489-27, is the oldest of the Shadow Line residents, armed with the Marchioness Mic Rod that fires green energy, who personally raised Emperor Z to the point of being informal around him despite their status. Despite her age she is shown to be capable of holding her own in a four way battle between herself, Schwartz, Madame Noir, and Right. While originally in charge of overseeing Shadow Towns with her MoYa designated Keepers, she moves into Castle Terminal to make several improvements in light of various events ranging from Zed's obsession with light to the dissension among their ranks. While she led a successful take-over of the Hyper Ressha, she becomes mortified with Zed as his inability to extinguish Miss Glitta cost them their prize in the end. She also expected Madame Noir's treachery, her distrust verified during the Darkness Decline before attempting to retrieve Zed and extinguish Glitta when Castle Terminal emerges from the Shadow Line. Though she delights in her leader's new form after Miss Glitta was removed from his body, she ends up being mercilessly attacked by Z-Shin. Afterwards, using Dollhouse Shadow to reveal the truth behind Zed's light obsession, Mork watches the Shadow Line's endgame unfold. After being defeated by the ToQgers sans ToQ 1gou and ToQ 6gou, Mork sacrifices herself to heal Zed's wounds. She possesses her personal Cryner whose Cryner Robo mode armed with twin cannons on its forearms, train horns on its shoulders used to fire supersonic beams, and a large version of her Marchioness Mic Rod.