Shadow Line
The Shadow Line are steampunk-themed dark denizens who desire to consume the world in darkness. To achieve that goal, they send a Shadow Ressha called the Kuliner from their fortress Castle Terminal to gather the darkness in peoples' hearts by subjecting them to nightmarish scenarios to fortify the Shadow Line's railway to the point that there is a Dark Station in every city on Earth. The Shadow Line's process of fortifying their railway begins with the establishment of Dark Stations before the surrounding areas become Shadow Towns and part of the Shadow Line's world, with all memory of its existence erased. The more inner darkness they gain, the closer to completion the railway will be until they are able to give their master Zed entry into the world. The plan is for Emperor to destroy all those among his followers that he deems useless.

Each Cryner is capable of changing into a Cryner Robo armed with twin cannons on its forearms. Three Cryner Robos can combine into a Cho-Cryner Robo armed with beam cannons on its shoulders, a sword, and a shield. There are also unique Cryner models used by the leading Shadow Line members.While the acting leaders originally worked to gather darkness to give their leader Emperor Z entry into the world, despite some questioning Emperor Zed, the Shadow Line now acts to spread more darkness into the world to make it into a utopia for them. Though active during most of the year, the Shadow Line ceases activities during the holiday season, which they refer to as the Darkness Decline as the amount of imagination across the world weakens them during that time. During the final battle, Emperor Z infuses his darkness into Castle Terminal to transform the fortress into a monster that exists to spread its creator's vast darkness known as the Dark Behemoth.