Ressha Gattai Build DaiOh
Build DaiOh is the Warrior Mode of the Build Ressha. The back Ressha fold to form the legs and the front Ressha fold down to become the arms. The crane atop the front Ressha becomes the mecha's head. The mecha's movement depends on a series of pulleys and levers. Each one responsible for a specific limb. ToQ 6gou has semi-complete control over the mecha via the cockpit. However, Build DaiOh's maximum control and performance requires simultaneous manipulation of the levers. The other ToQgers play a vital role in Build DaiOh's performance, as they can operate the controls that ToQ 6gou cannot. The cockpit was later modified in order to allow ToQ 6gou to operate Build DaiOh on his own.

Height: 48.4m
Width: 27.6m
Length: 6.5m
Weight: 1800t
Speed: 600km/h
Power: 1500

Build DaiOh Drill
The result of the combination of the Build DaiOh and ToQ 6gou's first mecha, the Drill Ressha. During Build DaiOh's debut, the Drill Ressha has been stolen and used by an ordinary Kuliner train-mecha. However, the Kuliner's destruction allows the ToQgers to steal the Ressha back and combine with Build DaiOh. The Drill Ressha allows Build DaiOh Drill to execute the Crane-Drill Double finisher.
Cho Cho Ressha Gattai Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh
ToQ-DaiOh is the combination of ToQ-Oh, Diesel-Oh, and Build DaiOh, first appearing in Station 23. Its finisher is the Imagination Express, where Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh slashes with its lance 3 times, each accompanied by an energy version of ToQ-Oh, Diesel-Oh, and Build DaiOh in their train forms.
Build Dai-Oh Tank
Build Dai-Oh Tank is the formation where Build Dai-Oh is armed with the Tank Ressha on its forearms, replacing the front and back of Build Ressha. This formation allows Build Dai-Oh to throw fast punches with impressive power that can be likened to a professional boxer.
Build DaiOh Shield
Build Dai-Oh Shield is the formation where Build Dai-Oh is armed with the Shield Ressha on its left forearms.