Former Conductor, ToQ 7gou
Full Name: Former Conductor
Ranger Designation: ToQ 7gou
Gear: AppliChanger
The Conductor is an eccentric and enigmatic train conductor, possessing knowledge of the ToQgers' past, which he guards from the group.

During the events of Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ 7gou of Dreams, the Conductor is revealed to have been promoted to the commander of the Rainbow Line's railroad police force and to have become ToQ 7gou, and his current name is the Former Conductor.

As ToQ 7gou, colored violet, he uses the AppliChanger and the Build Ressha-like ToQ Ressha to transform, and is armed with the ToQ Blaster. With the Hyper Ressha, ToQ 7gou can transform into Hyper ToQ 7gou.