Transformation Brace ToQ Changer
The train station-themed transformation device used by the ToQgers. They can change by inserting a ToQ Ressha and yelling "ToQ Change". It makes an energy safety line that impedes Shadow Line forces from crossing. They then insert the Ressha into the Changers and flip the lever down. By inserting a different Ressha into it, a ToQger can assume another's color. The ToQ Changer then announces "ToQ [number]gou [Previous Color in English] Transfer [Current Color in English]" When the button sporting the train icon is pressed and the lever is raised, the Ressha are summoned, making a ticket pass machine appear. The ToQgers must scan their Rainbow Passes on the ticket reader. To summon any of the Support Ressha, a ToQger must press the gold button, remove their ToQ Ressha out of the it.
Rail Slasher
The Rail Slasher is the red weapon any Toqger can wield, resembling a stretch of railroad track. It can summon trail of railroad track for various purposes, from bind foes with, allowing easy dispatchment, to a defensive whip to act like pseudo-shield to smash all projectiles in front of the wielder. It can even launch other ToQgers forward for high-speed attacks.
Home Trigger
The Home Trigger is the blue weapon any Toqger can wield, taking the form of a railway station. The targeting emblem on the weapon can be fired to paralyze foes, allowing one with overflashy combat moves to safely fire without retaliation.
Shingo Hammer
The Shingo (Signal) Hammer is yellow weapon any Toqger can wield, with the head of resembling a signal light. When the blue light on the Hammer is lit, it is charging up energy, and when it flashes to red, it releases all of the stored energy.
Tunnel Ax
The Tunnel Ax is the green weapon any Toqger can wield, with the head of the axe resembling a cut-in-half tunnel.
Tekkyou Claw
The Tekkyou (Bridge) Claw is the pink bi-claw any Toqger ca wield, resembling part of a bridge. With some Imagination power, it can be enlarged, and any Kuros that get into the it would be the size of an ant.
Renketsu Bazooka
The Connection Bazooka is the combination of the core weapons. The team signature attack with the Renketsu Bazooka is the Rainbow Rush, whose attack is powered by the Energy Ressha and its effect reflected in the shooter's imagination.
ToQ Blaster
The ToQ Blaster is the standard sidearm of the core ToQgers. It can change from Uchimasu (Gun Mode) to Kirimasu (Sword) Modes by turning the weapon near the grip. On the sides of the weapons on the part that rotates are English letters of "Blaster Mode" and "Blade Mode." Ressha can be placed inside the weapon to boost the effects of the attacks.
Rainbow Pass
The Rainbow Pass are special cellular-like devices that all the ToQgers have, functioning as their belt buckles and communicators. It allows them to board onto the Ressha and they can be used like credit cards to access Wagon's concession cart. In the ToQger vs. Gaim Special, NarutakiIcon-crosswiki possessed an orange-colored Rainbow Pass before giving it to Kota Kazuraba, allowing him to enter the Ressha, who then gave it to Mai to try to get her out of Zawame City. Wagon has a personal Rainbow Pass in the same shade of purple her body has, which she uses to snap pictures of herself.
The smartphone-themed transformation device of ToQ 6Gou. The Applichanger has different apps each with different functions which includes Call Mode to communicated and Change to transform. When Akira presses the Henshin app button, the phone slides open to reveal a small track on which he swipes his Ressha along. Like his fellow ToQgers, he can transform by shouting "ToQ Change! HA!!" and after transforming, The Applichanger announces the ToQger by number. Unlike the ToQ Changer, the Applichanger can be used to transform regardless of the user's imagination or affinity with light, allowing it to be used without issue by Z and even Ticket. When pressing the Build Ressha app button, the Applichanger summons the Build Ressha and announces the Ressha is arriving! Traveling with safety first!" The Drill Ressha app button calls the Ressha and says "The Ressha is arriving! Please hold on tight to the straps for it will be shaky!"
Yudo Breaker
The Yudo Breaker ("Guidance Breaker") is ToQ6gou's personal weapon accessed through the Build Ressha, which resembles a light guide stick. If the Drill Ressha is inserted into the Yudo Breaker, it can fire a drill-based energy blast. This weapon can also be accessed by ToQ 1gou's ultimate form, ToQ 1gou of the Rainbow, which allows him to use the combined power of all the ToQgers.
Daikaiten Cannon
The Last Train Ressha Cannon Daikaiten Cannon is a cannon themed after a railway turntable, summoned when a ToQger is in Hyper form. Once the Hyper Ressha is inserted into the cannon, 5 more Ressha can be placed on the railway-like chambers. Once done, the ToQger holding the Daikaiten Cannon pumps the weapon 6 times then locks the Ressha into firing position for the Hyper Five Connection Crash attack. During its first usage, with no other Ressha besides the Hyper Ressha inserted into the Cannon, the finishing attack was announced as the Hyper Last Train Crash, which fired an Imagination construct of the Hyper Ressha.