Ryuji Iwasaki, Blue Buster
Ryuji Iwasaki, Blue Buster
Full Name: Ryuji Iwasaki
Ranger Designation: Blue Buster
Buddyroid: Gorisaki Banana
Weapons: Ichigan Buster, Sougan Blade
Gear: Morphin Brace, Transpod
Mecha: GT-02

Ryuji Iwasaki is 28 years old and he is the most experienced and has the best fighting techniques out of the Go-Busters team.Thirteen years ago, he was in the research area's training facilities at the time of the incident. As the oldest of the Go-Busters, he feels that it is his duty to watch after Hiromu and Yoko, as well as being the mediator when the two bickering. His Super Power manifests in his arms, giving him superstrength. His weakpoint is that his body overheats if he uses his Super Power too much. Once overheated, his strength increases exponentially and gains a dark and sadistic personality along with it, being thoroughly incapable of telling friend from foe. He cannot be stopped once overheated and one can only wait until he shuts down on his own. Though ice can be used, a special cooling cream is more effective to cool him down. Compared to his teammates, his weakpoint is rare to happen, so long as he uses his Super Power sparingly and with caution, but it is also the most devastating when it does happen. Yoko, despite growing up together with him over a decade, had never seen him overheat even once until recently.