Hiromu Sakurada, Red Buster
Hiromu Sakurada, Red Buster
Full Name: Hiromu Sakurada
Ranger Designation: Red Buster
Buddyroid: Cheeda Nick
Weapons: Ichigan Buster, Sougan Blade
Gear: Morphin Brace, Transpod
Mecha: CB-01

Hiromu Sakurada is 20 years old and is the best warrior on the team despite joining the team the last. He is a serious, dedicated and level-headed warrior that rarely smiles, as well as being very blunt, which makes Yuko upset. Thirteen years ago, his father was in charge of the Transport Research Center, and his mother was a researcher. Both sacrificed themselves to seal Messiah in subspace with Hiromu entrusted to the care of his sister Rika, who refused to allow her only family to be taken from her. However, with his Buddy Roid Cheeda Nick training him, Hiromu resolved to become a Go-Buster to ensure no one would lose loved ones to the Vaglass. His Super Power manifests in his legs, making him able to run so fast it appears as if he is teleporting. His weakpoint is that whenever he panics when seeing a chicken (living, drawing or photograph), he will be frozen in place for several minutes. He later gets tolerant enough to be able to move around again when the said chicken is moved out of sight.