Cheeda Nick
Cheeda Nick
Cheeda Nick is Hiromu's Buddyroid, which resembles a cheetah-type android with handlebars for a head. Nick is the only Buddyroid who usually goes out in the field. Though he plays the role of an older brother figure to Hiromu, while also being his trainer and providing battle support. He and Hiromu often do not see eye-to-eye. It is vital that he be around Hiromu during missions, not only to be Hiromu's main mode of transportation, but also more importantly, to pick him up in case Hiromu freezes in place. Cheeda is equipped with a powerful super computer that allows him to make calculations at super speed. He can also assume a Bike Mode, and despite having an on-board navigational computer, Cheeda has no sense of direction.

Gorisaki Banana
Gorisaki Banana
Gorisaki Banana is the gorilla-type mecha Buddyroid partner of Ryuji. He is modeled after a more humanoid Gorilla and has a driver's wheel on his face. Gorisaki is a faint-hearted character who falls easy, and apologizes immediately for it. Also, he is always worried about Ryuji, as the reason soon becomes clear. In the base, Gorisaki acts as a mechanic. He can combine with Buster Vehicle GT-02.

Usada Lettuce
Usada Lettuce
Usada Lettuce is the rabbit-like Buddyroid partner of Yellow Buster. Usada often can be overbearing towards Yoko like a father which often leads to fights, but they quickly reconcile. Compared to the other Buddy Roids, Usada has the most faith in Yoko's abilities. However, this faith can be viewed as "overestimation", as he and Cheeda Nick will often clash with each other when it comes to the performance of either Go-Buster. He has a habit of saying "Roger rabbit" as opposed to just "roger". In the base, He works on data management in the control room. He can combine with Buster Vehicle RH-03 to modify its helicopter mode or to become a MegaZord.

Enetan Enetan
Enetan is a frog-themed Buddyroid. She can combine with Buster Vehicle FS-0O to modify its submarine mode or to configure it into a Buster Animal. Typically, she operates the cockpit of the FS-0O on her own. Enetan typically circles Tokyo's bays riding FS-0O. When the Go-Busters came to Tokyo to thwart Enter's plans at the Tokyo Tower, Enetan came to assist, though she protested every time the Go-Busters attempted to pilot for her. When Messiah evolved from MegaZord Zeta, Jin Masato contacted her to assist, and tasked her to be ready by the bay area. Though still in prototype stage, she assisted in bringing down the Megazords attacks.

Takeshi Kuroki Takeshi Kuroki
Takeshi Kuroki is the commanding officer of the Special Operations Unit, leading the Go-Busters and several hundred other staff members. He was originally the lab assistant of Hiromu's father and sees the elimination of Messiah as his number one priority, even if it means risking the lives of the Go-Busters to achieve it.

Toru Morishita Toru Morishita
Toru Morishita is the system control operator for the Special Operations Unit. He is calm and coolheaded whenever he helps out the Go-Busters.

Miho Nakamura Miho Nakamura
Miho Nakamura is an operator for the Special Operations Unit, a recent hire in the Energy Management Center and does not know much about the Go-Busters. She is well versed in subspace detections.

Takaishi Takaishi
Takaishi is in charge of the maintenance crew of the Airframe Mechanic I Kind. Over 50 people of the Energy Management Center are in charge of maintaining the Buster Machines between battles.

Mamoru Koyama Mamoru Koyama
Mamoru Koyama is the newest member of the Buster Machine maintenance crew and carries a journal to cover his activities.

Rika Sakurada
Rika Sakurada is Hiromu's older sister. She does not approve of Hiromu being one of the Go-Busters, but she supports him, anyway.

Yosuke Sakurada
Yosuke Sakurada is Hiromu and Rika's father who was the chief of the Transport Research Center before he sacrificed himself to trap Messiah in subspace 13 years ago. He is the only known scientist to have devised a way to install programs into humans.

Michiko Sakurada
Michiko Sakurada is Hiromu and Rika's mother who was a staff member of the Transport Research Center before she sacrificed herself to trap Messiah in subspace 13 years ago.