The Buster Machines, made from the rare metal called Deltarium 39, are used by the Go-Busters to counter the appearance of a Vaglass Megazord. They can switch between a Buster Vehicle mode and a Buster Animal mode.

Buster Vehicle CB-01 / Buster Machine CB-01
CB-01 Cheetah
The CB-01 Cheetah is Red Buster's Buster Machine, whichCheeda Nick combines with to form the steering mechanism.The CB-01 Cheetah's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form ofa super car, while its cheetah Buster Animal mode is evenfaster. Before BC-04 Beetle arrived, CB-01 Cheetah wasthe only Buster Machine capable of assuming a Megazordmode on its own. The "CB" in its name standsfor "Cheetah Bike".
Buster Animal CB-01

Name: Buster Vehicle CB-01 /Buster Machine CB-01
Height: 12.8
Width: 19.2
Speed: 350 km/h
Weight: 1300
Length: 45.0
Pilot: RedBuster
Name: Buster Animal CB-01Cheetah
Height: 23.3
Width: 17.4
Speed: 300 km/h
Weight: 1300
Length: 61.3
Pilot: RedBuster

GT-02 Gorilla
The GT-02 Gorilla is Blue Buster's Buster Machine, whichGorisaki Banana combines with to form the steeringmechanism - its head becoming the steering wheel. ItsBuster Vehicle mode takes the form of a truck, while itsgorilla Buster Animal mode has immense strength. Able touse banana missiles in Animal Mode, the GT-02 cantransport Enetron from one place to another. The"GT" in its name stands for "GorillaTruck".

Name: GT-02
Height: 18.7 m
Width: 16.0 m
Weight: 1600tons
Length: 40.0 m
Speed: 280 km/h
Pilot: BlueBuster
Name: GT-02Gorilla
Height: 25 m
Width: 32 m
Weight: 1800tons
Length: 27.1 m
Speed: 250 km/h
Pilot: BlueBuster

RH-03 Rabbit
The RH-03 Rabbit is Yellow Buster's Buster Machine, whichUsada Lettuce combines with to form the control mechanism- its ears becoming the vehicle's flight sticks. ItsBuster Vehicle mode takes the form of a helicopter, whileits rabbit Buster Animal mode can jump very high. The"RH" in its name stands for "RabbitHelicopter".

Name: RH-03
Height: 17.4 m
Width: 22.8 m
Weight: 800tons
Length: 29.0 m
Speed: 350 km/h
Pilot: YellowBuster
Name: RH-03 Rabbit
Height: 21.1 m
Width: 17.3 m
Weight: 800tons
Length: 28.7 m
Speed: 300 km/h
Pilot: YellowBuster

BC-04 Beetle
The BC-04 Beetle is an experimental Buster Machine Masato designed 13 years prior that was being developed as a means to aid the Go-Busters. Though Enter stole the blueprints before it can be constructed to reverse engineer a Vaglass Megazord, Masato already built the BC-04 Beetle within pseudo-subspace and uses it as his Buster Machine. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a crane, while its Japanese rhinoceros beetle Buster Animal mode can siphon Enetron from its target. The "BC" in its name stands for "Beetle Crane".

Name: Buster Vehicle BC-04
Height: 18.7
Width: 19.0
Speed: 250 km/h
Weight: 1,600
Length: 57.7
Pilot: Beet Buster
Name: Buster Animal BC-04 Beetle
Height: 24.2
Width: 26.6
Speed: 950 km/h
Weight: 1,600
Length: 63.4
Pilot: Beet Buster

SJ-05 Stag Beetle
The SJ-05 Stag Beetle is a Buster Machine independently built by Masato and it serves as Stag Buster's BusterMachine. Its Buster Vehicle mode is that of a jetaircraft that normally rests on the BC-04 until activatedand assumes its stag beetle Buster Animal mode where itcan siphon Enetron from an opponent. The "SJ"in its name stands for "Stag Jet".

Name: SJ-05
Height: 7.0 m
Width: 29.7 m
Weight: 800tons
Length: 37.0 m
Speed: Mach 1
Pilot: StagBuster
Name: SJ-05 Stag Beetle
Height: 21.0 m
Width: 25.5 m
Weight: 800tons
Length: 41.8 m
Speed: 900 km/h
Pilot: StagBuster

FS-0O Frog
The FS-0O Frog is a Buster Machine which Ene-tan combines with to form the steering mechanism. The FS-0O Frog's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a submarine, while its frog Buster Animal mode can jump over distances. The "FS" in its name stands for "Frog Submarine".