Musasabilar Monster
The first Vader monster. He changed the water to Hydrochloric acid. Upon his rampage, he killed Tatsuya Midorikawa's own father,whom he swarn revenge upon the Monster. Tatsuya was able to accompish his vengence when he became Denzi Green with the help of the other four Denzimen. Musasabilar resembles a humanod sea cucumber with the ability to climb up walls, as well as devour the flesh off of a living creature and hiding in another dimension. He grew to an enlarged form after fighting the Denziman and died after Denziman used the DenziStick Boomerang. Was the first monster destroyed by DaiDenJin, being decapitated instead of being sliced down the middle as other Vader Monsters usually met their end.
Episode 01

Shabonlar Monster
First came to earth with Keller and Mirror and killed all the flowers in a greenhouse. Then he turned a violinist into hardened clay. He attacked 4 of 5 Denzimen first with bubble bombs. Then he turned Akira into hardened clay to try and suck the talent and life out of her. He grew after fighting Denziman and was damaged after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. He finally was defeated with the Denshi Mangetsu Giri (Electronic Full Moon Cut) after the DenziBall did not work.
Episode 02

Chikagerilar Monster
He made everything sink in an earthquake, then changed the water into petroleum aka raw oil, and then trapped the DenziTiger in a landslide. Chikagerilar enlarged after being killed by the Denziman. He was defeated with the DenziSword when the DenziBall and DenziBoomerang didn't work.
Episode 03

Rupankamelar Monster
Took pictures of beautiful girls and then gave the pictures to Queen Hedrian to kill them. It then took pictures of an unmasked Akira, Midorikawa, and Oume. He was defeated with the DenziSword after DenziBall blocked the boulder.
Episode 04

Tsutakazular Monster
Brought to earth by Mirror and Keller to grow. Strangled a man who liked to talk to plants and a woman from the same apartment complex. First, he attacked Akira. Then the other Denziman came to save her. In a battle with Akaki, Tsutakazular almost killed him before the rest came to save him. His enlarged form was defeated with the DenziSword after DenziTiger fired missiles to stop the vines and gas from TsutakazuDelar to overpower Daidenjin.
Episode 05

Higekitakolar Monster
It took the body of a girl that hated her mother. After the heroes placed the girl and Higekitakolar to face each other, Higekitakolar released himself from his tricked form and fought the Denzimen. He was defeated with the DenziSword after the DenziBall stopped Higekitakor in his tracks.
Episode 06

Umitsular Monster
Acidic red jelly in the water that would eat through flesh and metal. The jelly would either grow or do reverse osmosis. It was the monster that destroyed Denzistar. Finally defeated with DenziSword after using DenziBall.
Episode 07

Furumular Monster
He was the first monster to drive a car in human form. He turned DenziBlue and a group of kids older. Trapped Akaki, Oume and Akira in a tangled trap mess. He got away from the Denziman by growing small and hiding in a videotape canister. But the Denziman caught him at a movie theater, his videotape hideout. Furumular changed the scene from the Old West, to Ninja, High School Football and finally back. He was killed with the DenziSword after being trapped by a videotape and burned.
Episode 08

Denwalar Monster
He killed a seller of a painter and a rival painter by sucking them into a telephone. The Denzimen tried to stop him from killing two rival painters and he retreated in a series of telephones. Akira, with Akaki's help, stopped Denwaler from killing the painter. Kellar and Mirror attacked Blue, Yellow, and Green after killing the painter with flying daggers. He grew after being destroyed by the DenziStick Boomerang. He was defeated by the Electronic Full-Moon Cut.
Episode 09

Hambular Monster
He made a group of kids get tired and hating every food other than Hambular's hamburgers. He put Oume under the same spell. The rest of the Denzimen went on to face Hambular and then Denzimen retreated. Hambular gave hamburgers to students at a school. Kiyama, Akaki, and Akira cured the spell on Oume by using the DenziCircle. He grew after being killed by the DenziStick Boomerang. He was defeated with the Electronic Full Moon Cut. Then the Denzimen used the DenziCircle on the group of kids.
Episode 10

Tayajigolar Monster
He sucked the life out of one of the students in Akaki's karate class while being a tire. The student's mother basically calling him out. Captured Akaki when Tayajigolar played a mini-game of "cat and mouse". After a few hours, Akaki escape by using his bike. Grew after fighting Denziman and exploding after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. Finally defeated with DenziSword (Electronic Full Moon Cut) after using DenziBall slow him down. The kid got his life back.
Episode 11

Balar Monster
Switch Umeko with a fake Umeko after touch one of his flowers (Sleeping Beauty Syndrome). Using flowers as cameras scattered across the city. The fake Umeko trying to kill Akira by pushing her into an omcoming train, off a balcony, and stabbing her with a knife. Fake Umeko got a group kids to be fakes. Captured Akira and Midorikawa's friend Chieko but the plan failed when the others showed up, freeing the kids using DenziCircle. Balar grew and the Denziman tried to fight him with DaiDenZin but Balar shrunk and Akita saw the Rose in the corner of her and swatted it. Balar had one small trick left under his vines, but it was short lived. Finally killed off with DenziStick Boomerang.
Episode 12

Adobaloolar Monster
Befirends the daughter of a scientist Mika as an old man. He uses balloon to blind people. Follow Mika, Akira and Akaki to her father's lab. He blinds Akaki when he was trying to get Akira and Mika's father plus associates as well in the lab. Mika's father cures Akaki of the blindness. Used Mika as ransom for the cure. He gains a heart and lets her go to her father. Attacks the Rangers with balloons. Grew after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. After blinding DaiDenZin with balloons, DaiDenZin finally defeats him with DenziSword (Electronic Full Moon Cut) and pops his parade.
Episode 13

Jukular Monster
Started sharpening magical pencils at an after-school program. Attacks Akaki, Kiyama, and Oume with throwing pencils like darts. Jukular played a combination of "Cat and Mouse" and "Hide and Seek" with Denziman. He was defeated with DenziStick Boomerang.
Episode 14

Banchirolar Monster
Brainwashing people when listen to the radio or telling them what to do. First attack via of skates. Then retreated right after. Second fight with Denziman proven to be his last. Grew after fighting Denziman and exploding after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. Finally defeated with DenziSword (Electronic Full Moon Cut) after using DenziBall slowed him down.
Episode 15

Samelar Monster
Turned a man into rust and blow away. Escaped in the water when confronted. Grew after frightening Denziman. Was destroyed by DaiDenZin's Electronic Full Moon Cut
Episode 16

Deadbolar Monster
Attack a baseball team and knock them out. Had two chances to attack Oume, first Denizman has a wood bat and second time Denziman with a metal bat. He has a follower named Kuta. Trapped by Denziman at the baseball field. Grew after fighting Denziman and exploding after Denziman used DenziStick Boomerang. Finally defeated with DenziSword (Electronic Full Moon Cut) after using DenziBall and DenziBoomerang slowing his attacks.
Episode 17

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