The Vader Clan
Invaders from another dimension with warped (to us) concepts of beauty. Intends to pollute and corrupt the Earth and its inhabitants to fit its unusual aesthetic.

Queen Hedrian
Machiko Soga, who also played Bandora in Zyuranger. Hates beauty and wants to pollute the world. She finds happiness in the suffering of humans.

Omnipotent Demon King (left side)
Half-naked, musclebound space wanderer. He offers help to Queen Hedrian but eventually takes the Vader Clan leadership for himself.
Episodes 37-51

General Hedrer (right side)
Field commander.

Keller and Mirror
Female spies in slver and gold respectively. Keller can change into a shield, and Mirror a vanity mirror.

Grunts in black tights with skeletal designs that armed with sickles.

Vader Fighters (left side)
Batwinged evil planes.

Vader Castle (right side)
Flying fortress hidden in another dimension.