Tametomo Imizu, Kiramai Yellow
Full Name: Tametomo Imizu
Ranger Designation: Kiramai Yellow

Tametomo Imizu is an esports professional who excels in long range combat and transforms into Kiramai Yellow. He acts as an older brother figure and provides assistance when needed. However, he is also a selfish egotist, seeing himself as the Kiramagers' "ace" even when the others disagree. After Juru fails to recognize him, Tametomo develops an antagonistic relationship with him, questioning his every move and talking back to him every so often. This came to a head when a jealous Shovellow convinces Tametomo to take Juru's position away from him, only to get suspended for botching a mission. Though he quits out of anger, the girls help Tametomo realize he never wanted the leadership role anyway and that Juru was always more qualified in the first place. Once he reconciles with the others, Muryo names Tametomo second-in-command of the Kiramagers and grants him the authority to lead should anything happen to Juru.