Kiramai Mashin
The Kiramai Mashin are the sentient Kiramai Stones, which Mabushina brought from Crystalia and serve as the Kiramagers' partners. Through the power of Juru's imagination, the Kiramai Stones can transform from their jewel forms into giant vehicles, combine with each other via Mashin Combination, and perform the Kiramai Stone Bomber finisher.

Mashin Makka Mashin Makka
The Red Kiramai Stone first transforms into Mashin Makka, a supercar-like Kiramai Mashin with a resemblance to Mach that utilizes fire-based abilities".

Mashin Fire Mashin Fire
The Red Kiramai Stone can transform into a fire engine-like Kiramai Mashin armed with the Fire Ladder rescue ladder/fire hose. While he comes off as angry and brusque, he primarily displays a passionate personality when it comes to battle.

Mashin Shovellow Mashin Shovellow
The Yellow Kiramai Stone can transform into an excavator-like Kiramai Mashin armed with the Shovellow Boom excavator arm. Due to his old man-like personality, he tends to openly disagree with anything he does not like. Interestingly enough, Tametomo finds him reminiscent of his deceased grandfather".

Mashin Mach Mashin Mach
The Green Kiramai Stone can transform into a supercar-like Kiramai Mashin armed with the Mach Flash high beams. Like Fire, he can also transform into Makka while being used as part of Land Mage for the Kiramai Burning attack. Mach comes off as a charming womanizer, much to Sena and Sayo's annoyance.

Mashin Jetter Mashin Jetter
The Blue Kiramai Stone can transform into a jet aircraft-like Kiramai Mashin armed with the Jetter Sword blade. In contrast with his partner, Jetter is excitable and eccentric in personality, though he is much more responsible. He also views his partner as his "brother" and acts as his hype man".

Mashin Helico Mashin Helico
The Pink Kiramai Stone can transform into a helicopter-like Kiramai Mashin armed with the Helico Rotor blades. She holds her partner in a high regard and constantly compliments her on her appearance. She is voiced by Yuki Nagaku.

Mashin Jouki Mashin Jouki
The Black Kiramai Stone, which originally served as Crystalia's royal train before Galza corrupted and used it as part of Yodonheim's invasion of Earth, can transform into a steam locomotive train-like Mashin and a dinosaur-like mecha mode called Smog Jouki. With Galza piloting it in both modes, the Mashin is armed with the Jouki Jaws and the Jouki Chainsaw. As Smog Jouki, it can perform the Burn Blacker finisher. After he was executed by Emperor Yodon, Galza used his remaining life force to reactivate Jouki and save Juru, entrusting the boy with his Mashin before departing to the afterlife.

Mashin Express Mashin Express
The White Kiramai Stone is divided into two parts, Ex and Press, that can combine into a Shinkansen-like Kiramai Mashin with the ability to temporarily override Galza's control of Mashin Jouki. Despite being sentient, Ex and Press do not speak in human language.

Mashin Drijan Mashin Drijan
Kiramai Silver's personal drilling vehicle-like Kiramai Mashin with three drills and two grip arms created by CARAT for underground excavation. Unlike the other Mashin, Drijan lacks a stone mode, as it has a separate Kiramai Stone as its core, and speaks in computerized beeps while the others speak clear human language. Before gaining the power to become Gigant Driller, Drijan was named Super Heavy Machine Drijan.

Mashin Zabyun Mashin Zabyun
The Aqua Kiramai Stone, which has purification capabilities, can transform into a Shinkansen-like Kiramai Mashin with shark-like features, and split into multiple weapons for the Kiramagers' other mecha to use. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.

Mashin Hakobu Mashin Hakobu
The Gold Kiramai Stone, can transform into an aircraft-like Kiramai Mashin that can combine with Fire, Shovellow, Mach, Jetter, and Helico to assume Cargo Mode for increased firepower. He was Oradin's caretaker and teacher who was vacationing on Earth when Crystalia was attacked by Yodonheim and became inconsolable due to the king's death until Shiguru's acting made him cry, leading to him joining the Kiramagers. He is voiced by Tetsu Inada

Mashin Oradin Mashin Oradin
The Sky Kiramai Stone, created from King Oradin's soul fusing with the Miracle Stone, can transform into a phoenix-like Kiramai Mashin.

Mashin Weapons The Mashin Weapons are created from auxiliary Kiramai Stones that the Kiramagers obtain during their adventures and can convert into weapons for their mecha.

Mashin Lifton Mashin Lifton
The Emerald Kiramai Stone can transform into a forklift-like Kiramai Mashin and a giant trident. He is voiced by Yuuki Anai.

Mashin Rolland Mashin Rolland
The Orange Kiramai Stone can transform into a road roller-like Kiramai Mashin and a giant rolling pin. He is voiced by Kazuki Komine.

Mashin Carry Mashin Carry
The Purple Kiramai Stone can transform into a truck-like Kiramai Mashin and a giant shield. She is voiced by Ayaka Maekawa.

Mashin Duston Mashin Duston
The Navy Kiramai Stone can transform into a garbage truck-like Kiramai Mashin and a giant vacuum cleaner. He is voiced by Keisuke Yamamori.

Mashin Magellan Mashin Magellan
The Lime Kiramai Stone can transform into a concrete mixer truck-like Kiramai Mashin and a giant gun. He is voiced by Takanobu Shimazu.