Yamato Kazakiri
Full Name: Yamato Kazakiri
Ranger Designation: Zyuoh Eagle
Weapons: Zyuoh Changer, Zyuoh Buster
Debut Episode: Episode 1
Actor: Masaki Nakao, Shuri Ayuba (Young Yamato)

Yamato Kazakiri is a young zoologist with compassion for all living creatures who can transform into Zyuoh Eagle. During his childhood, he got lost in a forest during a stormy night after running away from his home due to a scuffle with his parents and was rescued by a mysterious bird Zyuman who presented him with a cube known as the Champion's Proof.[a] Years later, Yamato finds a massive structure known as the Link Cube which serves as the access between Earth and Zyuland, and uses the Champion's Proof to travel to the other side, where he meets the other Zyuohgers for the first time. Once back on Earth, the Champion's Proofs in his and the other Zyuohgers' possession transform into the Zyuoh Changers to help them fend off the Deathgaliens' first attack, but with the Link Cube destroyed and the sixth Champion's Proof gone missing, the other Zyuohgers end up stranded on Earth and Yamato decides to shelter them. Yamato later discovers that his vision increased to superhuman levels after he became a Zyuohger, allowing him to see further and dodge faster.

As the Champion of the Skies Zyuoh Eagle, Yamato gains a pair of wings on his Wild Release mode that allow him to fly and strike enemies from above at high speed. He also possess the Eagriser, a sword that can also extend and be used as a whip.