Tusk, Zyuoh Elephant
Full Name: Tusk
Ranger Designation: Zyuoh Elephant
Weapons: Zyuoh Changer, Zyuoh Buster
Debut Episode: Episode 1
Actor: Tsurugi Watanabe

Tusk is an elephant Zyuman with a sharp sense of smell who transforms into Zyuoh Elephant. He is from a wealthy family and is also the most intelligent member of the team. He is seemingly unnaproachable at first, but is actually very kind. He at first refused to take refuge under Yamato, not wanting to be indebted as well as distrusting him but in the end, accepted it after Yamato revealed to him his past.

As the Champion of the Forests Zyuoh Elephant, Tusk gains a pair of massive elephant feet in Wild Release mode that allows him to create shockwaves when he pounds the ground.