Mario Mori Mario Mori
Mario Mori is Yamato Kazakiri's maternal uncle, the inspiration behind the latter becoming a zoologist, and the younger brother of Yamato's late mother Wakako who owns a workshop where he makes animal sculptures. Despite agreeing to house Yamato's Zyuman teammates, Mori remains unaware of his guests' true nature for most of the series until he learns their secret during one of their battles.

Bird Man "Rhino Man", "Crocodile Man", and "Wolf Man" The "Rhino Man", the "Crocodile Man" and the "Wolf Man" are three unnamed Zyumans who were captured by the Dethgaliens, who killed them while infusing their energy into Misao Mondo in order to turn him into their Extra Player, The World. After the Zyuohgers free Mondo of the Dethgaliens' control, the three Zyumans haunt him before encouraging him to join the Zyuohgers in fighting the Dethgaliens, with the wise "Rhino Man" serving as an advisor to Mondo and an intermediary for the "Crocodile Man" and "Wolf Man", who behave like a manzai duo. Following the Dethgaliens' defeat and Earth and Zyuland being merged, the three Zyumans disappear.

Larry Larry
Larry is a gorilla Zyuman and anthropologist and an old friend of Bud's who became stranded in the human world after Bud severed the connection between Earth and Zyuland. Initially enjoying studying humans, Larry soon began to loathe them and shunned having to make contact with them until he meets Yamato Kazakiri, whose lack of fear for him renews Larry's admiration for humans. After Yamato is grievously wounded while fighting the Dethgaliens, Larry gives the former a significant portion of his Zyuman energy to save him, shortening his own lifespan in the process. Following the Dethgaliens' defeat and Earth and Zyuland being merged, Larry joins Misao Mondo in teaching humans and Zyumans each others' cultures.


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