Silver Imperial Army Zone
An alien army plotting to rule the entire Milky Way. Flies across the universe in the galactic battleship Vulgyre, attacking worlds with its Galactic Warriors. So far, it has destroyed 999 planets. Earth is about to be the 1000th. When the Zone succeeds in destroying their 1000th planet, its ruler, Medor, will gain eternal life.

Milky Way Emperor Medor
White-skinned, silver-maned, purple-lipped, golden-eyed mystery ruler of the Zone.

Captain of the battleship Vulgyre in black and grey armor over red clothes. Armed with a sword.
Female scientist in gold armor over black tights.
Doldora's underling in black tights with purple armor.
Billion Best
swordsman in the galaxy. White-maned in white armor over blue tights.
Grotesque, short, and fat space merchant who enjoys making money (Dolyen bills, to be exact) and carries an abacus around.

Former captain of the Vulgyre. Weapons: Barok Stick, Barok Fencer, Barok Shoot, Barok Byoot. Controls a black Gorlin.
Batzler Soldiers
Black-skinned grunts with red heads, armed with crab claws
Galactic Warriors Alien
monsters of the week named only after Earth animals.
Combined Galactic Warriors
Later hybrid monsters have the attributes of two species.
Giant white-skinned cyborg alien that absorbs and mimics human-size monsters.

Vulgyre Vulgyre
Zone's galactic battleship