- Fiverobo is formed by combing Sky Alpha (Red), Carrier Beta (Black and Yellow), Land Gamma (Blue and Pink) and Five Trailer into one.

Weapons and/or attacks: Super Dimension Sword (single and double sword attacks), Twin Cannons, Sure Kill Kick.

Star Carrier was brought to Earth by the mysterious alien warrior Gunther and built by Dr. Hoshikawa.

Star Carrier transforms to be the Starfive
Weapons and/or attacks: Star Gun, Star Hang Beam.

SUPER FIVE ROBO Fiverobo plus the Starfive combine to make the Super Fiverobo
Weapons and/or attacks: Jet Knuckles, Super Vector Punch.

Magmabase plus the Super Fiverobo combine to make the Maxmagma
Weapons and/or attacks: Diamond Max--the firing of all guns on the body.