Full Name: Remi Hoshikawa
Ranger Designation: Five Yellow

The twin sister of Fumiya and the youngest of the Hoshikawa siblings at 20 years old. A music teacher skilled in kung fu. She is disastrous at housekeeping and cleaning tasks which she leaves to either Kazumi or Arthur. She has excellent rhythm and musical senses, she is also a rhythmic gymnast and dancer, which she applies to her fighting. She teaches children kung-fu in her spare time. In episode 4, she got drunk when water was turned into alcohol, yet she fought using the Drunken Fist and defeated the galactic warrior.

During the events of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, she appeared and granted the Greater Power of the Fiveman to the Gokaigers, but the Greater Power was never used or seen during the show. She would appear in the final episode of the series receiving the Five Ranger Yellow Key as the Gokaigers depart Earth.

Weapons and/or attacks: Melody Tact, Yellow Flute.