Jaguar Vulcan
The flying fortress. Its jaws open to let the components of the Sun Vulcan Robo launch.

Cosmo Vulcan
A jet piloted by Vul Eagle. It is stored in the Jaguar Vulcan's mouth. It forms Sun Vulcan Robo's head, upper arms, and body.

Bull Vulcan
A bulldozer-like vehicle with two cockpits; one for the left half and the other for the right half. It is piloted by Vul Shark and Vul Panther and is stored in rear of the Jaguar Vulcan, divided in half. It forms the Sun Vulcan Robo's legs, with the feet storing the forearms.

Sun Vulcan Robo
The first combining Sentai robot, and also the first to "talk" in the form of shouting attack techniques. Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan combine when the command "Combine! Grand Cross!" is given. It is armed with the Solar Sword and its finishing attack to destroy monsters is the Aurora Plasma Return. Its other weapons are the Vul Shield, Vul Tonfa, Vul Hand, Vulcan Sun, and Vulcan Cannons.