Vulcan Brace
Sun Vulcan's transformation device. The transformation call is "Sun Vulcan!" (or, for individual members, their codename).

Vulcan Stick
The standard-issue weapon for the Sun Vulcans.

Vulcan Ball
A bomb shaped like a volleyball. Vul Eagle kicks it first ("One!"), Vul Panther then passes it ("Two!") to Vul Shark, who throws it in the air ("Three!"). Vul Eagle then yells, "Go!" before jumping over his partners and spiking the ball towards the target.

New Vulcan Ball
Newer, more powerful version of the Vulcan Ball shaped and thrown like an American football. Used by Sun Vulcan to execute the Triple Cross maneuver.

Vul Eagle's jeep.

Vul Shark's Green Motorcycle.

Vul Panther's Green Motorcycle.