Machine Empire Black Magma
Machine Empire Black Magma is an organization based at the Iron Claw Castle at the North Pole that worships the Black Solar God. Intending to have its Mechahumans rule the world, Black Magma's technology is advanced enough to cause natural disasters and cause global incidents. However, Black Magma targets Japan in order to obtain the cache of geothermal energy there needed to power their aresenal.

Fuhrer Hell Satan
Through he rules over Black Magma, he is actually a servant of the Omnipotent God.

Zero Girls
A quartet of female spies composed 01 to 04. The black suited 02 with cards, the green suited 03 with twin swords and the purple suited 04 with yo-yos. While Zero Girl 01 died, the remaining three survive until they die piloting King Magma during the final battle.

Zero Girl 01
A red suited member of the Zero Girls who functions as active field commander, armed with throwing knives. She is killed as the result of a cavein.
Episodes 1 - 22

The Omnipotent God
The true leader of Black Magma, known as the Black Solar God and hinted to have connections to the Incan and Mayan civilizations. He normally communicates to Hell Satan via an idol
Episodes 5 - 50

Queen Hedrian
Originally the leader of the Vader Clan, she was found frozen at the North Pole by the Omnipotent God and revived as a cyborg with a mechanical heart. As a result, instead of avenging her Vader Clansmen, Hedrian is forced to serve Black Magma as the Omnipotent God's high priestess with Hell Saturn able to shutdown her mechanical heart should she betray them. After Hell Saturn is seemingly destroyed, Hedrian took over the Black Magma leadership until the ghost of her predecessor appeared just when she kidnapped Misa through her sorcery and induced cardiac arrest with the shutdown of her heart.
Soga Machiko's back, in one of several crossovers in Sunvulcan between that series and Denziman. Such cross-sentai crossovers in the regular TV series continuity have never been tried since.
Episodes 5 - 50

Amazon Killer
Vader field officer who came from space. A Vader field officer who came from space, loyal only to Hedrian. Taking Zero Girl 01's place as field commander, Amazon Killer succeeded in destroying the Sun Vulcan's Head Base and did her job very actively in both combat and stealth. After Hedrian's death, Amazon Killer was forced to fight the Sun Vulcan, who came to rescue Daizaburou and Misa. She had them on the ropes, but surviving their combination attack, Amazon Killer took her own life out of refusal of serve Black Magma.
Episodes 23 - 50

Inazuma Ginga (Lightning Galaxy)
A space pirate known as the "Galactic Invincible Electric Man" he is sought by the Galactic Police. Once Amazon Killer's partner, Inazuma is manipulated into challenging Hell Satan by her and Queen Hedrian. Inazuma seems to defeat Hell Satan, allowing Queen Hedrian to declare herself ruler of Black Magma. However, Hell Satan returns as a ghost and get his revenge by tossing Inazuma into the monster making machine, transforming him into Inazuma Monger who meets his end against the Sun Vulcan team.
Episodes 45 - 49

Dark Q Spy
A series of spy mechanoids used by Hell Satan for infiltration and assassinations, stronger than normal humans. Constructed with care, the mechanoids are placed in a torturous combat testing with the survivors branded as Dark Q and must succeed in their missions or be obliterated for failure. About 96 models were made before the 97th was the created as the finalized model for Black Magma to use in its invasion. The 97th posed as Kagayama, becoming Arashiyama's aide to uncover info on Sun Vulcan Robo before she is exposed and ejected from the base before she self-destructs. The 97th model, armed with claws, aided in stealing a dangerous bacteria in Black Magma's scheme to cause conflict. A 98th model was built to kill various important figures considered national treasures in Japan, only to be stopped in her tracks. The 99th model, equipped with a detachable arm that doubles as flame thrower, poses as an officer to obtain the contains of a vault. But her failure to secure it results in her destruction with the 100th model utilized to complete Black Magma's plan to build a fortress underground before she is destroyed by the SunVulcan group. Eventually, the Dark Q series is discontinued.

The android grunts in black with the red insignia of Black Magma on their faces.


Hell Fighters
Black Magma's black fighter planes with the red insignia of Black Magma.