Twin Brace
The Liveman's transformation device. The right wrist is the one with the animal icon. When transforming by themselves, they transform by saying their name. Starting with episode 4, they shout "Liveman!".

Live Blaster
The standard sidearm of the team. It can be used as a gun or be separated into a sword and shield. It can be brought out on its own from the Twin Brace without transforming.

Biomotion Buster
The finishing cannon used throughout the series. It was summoned by all three, and later five, members.

Triple Bazooka
First used in episode 22, it is a weapon formed from the Falcon Saber, Dolphin Arrow, and Lion Bazooka. It is apparently faster to bring out and fire than the Biomotion Buster.

Dolphin Arrow

Moto Machines
They are the individual motorcycles for the original trio.

Moto Falcon
Red Falcon's Moto Machine.

Moto Lion
Yellow Lion's Moto Machine.

Moto Dolphin
Blue Dolphin's Moto Machine.

Live Cougar
A four-wheeled drive for the entire team. It is also used by Colon and later by Black Bison and Green Sai.