Full Name: Yuusuke Amamiya
Ranger Designation: Red Falcon
Weapons : Falcon Sword, Falcon Saber
Attacks : Falcon Break

A poor student at Academia, but a strong leader and quick at thinking under pressure. He is a brave hard worker and enjoys rock music and work outs. Initially starts as a hot-headed and sarcastic rebel, but grows into the role of dependable leader as the series progresses. Yusuke was once in love with Rui Senda, but she did not return his love. He was good friends with Kenji during their first year or so at Academia until things went sour between them once Kenji started down a dark path. In the 2001 Sentai direct-to-DVD crossover film Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Yusuke is found visiting the graves of Takuji Yano, Rui Senda, Kenji Tsukigara, and Mari Aikawa. He briefly dueled Gaku Washio (Gao Yellow) in a swordfight and then lectured Gaku on the many sword-wielding warriors of the Super Sentai franchise, and introduced the Gaorangers to all the 23 other Red Warriors. Interestingly, he performed his roll call twice in that special, one along with the Dream Sentai and Gaorangers and then again with the other Red Warriors.