Mechavolution Beasts
The Mechaevolution Beasts were the later monsters, metallic-looking hybrids of animals and weapons.Enlarged with the Big Bang beam , that was fired from the eyes Grand Gizmo (Before that General Kar spun a wheel to take the parts to the underground to enlarge the monster. After that the monster goes back to the surface).
Missile Crayfish
Episode 34
Guillotine Lizard
Episode 35
Machinegun Jaguar
Episode 36
Electric Eel
Episode 37
Armor Rose
Episode 38
Laser Hawk
Episode 39
Word Processor Armadillo
Episode 40
Drill Horse
Episode 41
Drill Pegasus
Episode 41
Masakari Bear
Episode 42
Rocket Tiger
Episode 43
Shovel Kong
Episode 44
Rainbow Chameleon
Episode 45
Jet Flying Squirrel
Episode 46
Poison Gas Weasel
Episode 47
Boomerang Jackal
Episode 48
Computer Dragon
Episode 49
Fire Sphinx
Episode 50-51

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