The Evilution (Jashinka) Empire
An underground race of humans ranked by number of tails.

Emperor Aton (9 tails)
Dreams of getting 10 tails.

General Kar (7 tails) A.k.a. 'God of War'.
Scientist. Played by 'Milton' Ishibashi of Toei's Streetfighter films.

Kira and Geel (Megiddo's bodyguards; 1-8; 1 tail?)
Look like common Tail Soldiers except for their clothing and berets.

Prince Megiddo / Dark Knight / Emperor Megiddo
(5 > 4 > 0 tails)

Initially has 5 tails, loses one in battle with Dynared
Imprisoned as a failure, reemerges as masked Darkknight, master of "Dance of Darkness" sword technique

Princess Chimera (8-50; 4 tails)
Megiddo's cousin. A witch.

General Zenobia (37-50; 7 tails)
Awakened from the Millennium Cave, soon taking Megiddo's place in the Empire.

Tail Soldiers (1 tail)
Naked lizards with red eyes and green and black skin.

Grangizmo Grangizmo :
mobile fortress, resembles giant flying fish