Boukenger Movie Monster

The apparently harmless Muse slept until she felt a new superior life emerging. Once awaken, Muse asked the people on Earth to go to her in order to obtain a most valuable Precious, to which the Negative Syndicate and the Boukenger responded to. The Boukenger fought off the Jaryuu, Gordom, Dark Shadow and Questers. The Boukenger, some Karths and some Jaryuu respond got to the mountain but the only one to made it is Satoru and learned of Muse's intentions. She was really Hyde Gene.

Hyde Gene / Stingross
Exclusive to 'Boukenger The Movie: The Strongest Precious', Hyde Gene is a DNA absorbing lifeform from outer space, it collected the genetic matterial of the most superior lifeform of a planet before committing genocide. Hyde Gene was said to be the true cause of the dinosaur extinction according to a book Morio read. Kouichi intefered when Satoru confronted Muse and Muse became his true form Hyde Gene, defeated by the Combination Crash. But Hyde Gene regenerated and came to the conclusion that the Earthlings were unfit for absorbing and decided to destroy the planet before leaving it to find another planet whose superior-life could be assimilated with. He assumed his true form Stringross. He was finally destroyed by Daibouken and DaiTanken.