Underground Empire Tube
Once a peaceful empire, it was corrupted by the usurper Zehba, who now intends to rule the surface world as well. Earth Emperor Zehba Usurped the Tube throne. Hates all human beings, below or above the Earth, because he secretly isn't human at all. In reality is the child of the Lethal Dogler monster slain by the original Tube royal family.

Prince Igam
True heir to the throne. A woman raised as a man. Ends up a nun after realizing the error of his/her ways.

Princess Ial, alias Mio Igam's twin.
Falls for Takeru.

Commander Baraba Buff
swordsman of the Baluga Tribe.

Earth Imperial Ninja Oyobur
Red-skinned, pointy-eared ninja of the Buyon Tribe.

Earth Imperial Ninja Fuumin
Female ninja of the Fu Tribe who serves Prince Igam.

Elderly, overweight beast who knows all.

Thief Knight Kiros (27-49)
Equestrian who loves Ial. Armed with a knife and sickle. Special attack: Crescent Screw.

Insectoid that fires a monster enlarging beam.

Angler Soldiers
Black-skinned grunts with brown vines growing down from their heads.

Earth Empire Beasts
Underground creatures released from a freezing cave. Many are composed of Dogler beasts plus parasites.

Angramon Fighters
Fighter planes that untie into a centipede-like monster, the Angramon Snake.

Earth Imperial Castle
Tube headquarters which rose to the Earth's surface in the finale.